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  1. Hello, I am new in the ICU . One day I had a patient that was leaving for an urgent procedure the beginning of my shift. She only had a double lumen picc line for access, both infusing: one was infusing levophed and the other was infusing fentanyl...
  2. RN Fellowship SICU interview. No floor experience. Help!

    Hi there! The hospital I've been working at for 2 years has an RN fellowship program ( a 6-month program for BSNs who wish to change their scope of practice). I have a total of 4 years of RN experience: 2 years in the Operating Room and 2 years ...
  3. Operating Room to Floor Nursing

    Greetings! I started in the Operating Room right after completing nursing school. I have treasured my experience but I am looking forward to advancing my career and becoming a NP. I realize that it is important for me to get direct-patient care ex...
  4. New Nurse. Normal Saline syringe help.

    Hello, I'm a brand new nurse that is training as a circulator. I'm sorry in advance if this seems like a silly question, but I need help with IV flush syringes. When handing off meds to my scrub tech, my scrub tech picks up her medicine cup so that I...