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  1. Beywash

    HFCC Winter 2017

    Did you ever find out if your able to wear other shoes?
  2. Beywash

    HFCC Winter 2017

    What do you mean would you still have applied? Do you regret the program?
  3. Beywash

    Spring Arbor?

    I also was considering their Family NP program and was looking for more information on the school and programs at Spring Arbor.
  4. Beywash

    Hfcc 2018 fall nursing

    I also received my acceptance email! Is anyone here going to be working and doing school? Do you guys know how they do clinical assignments?
  5. Beywash

    Hfcc 2018 fall nursing

    Hi there i also applied on Jan 22 there were about 31 names on the sheet when i left my app and that was literally right before they closed their doors. When I attended my nursing information session I was speaking with Julie and she explained that a year or so ago a situation happened when they didn't receive enough applications to fill the entire class size of 120 so they extended the deadline and everyone who applied was accepted as long as the application was complete and pre reqs were done so I think it's safe to say that if you submitted on Jan 22 or Jan 29 you will automatically be accepted!