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  1. Jd2477

    Veeb 2021 Testing

    Hi everyone . I wanted to see if anyone can recommend what to study for Veeb’s entrance exam? I want to take the exam soon. I have been looking over the table math and wanted to know if I need to study algebra and square roots or is the test mainly fractions and stuff like that. Thank you for any advice:)))
  2. Jd2477

    Veeb 2019 class

    Hi I have wanted to apply to veeb but I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to get a job in a hospital after. People have said they are facing out LPN’s. I can apply to Nassau for the RN program but I know it is hard to get in and will take a long time before I can start working. I am an older student (42) and have 3 kids. I just don’t want to make a bad decision and waste time and money. There is an entrance exam for veeb on June 26. I think that is probably the last one for the year. I need a good job when I am done too to pay back the student loan. Any advice woul$ be greatly appreciated:)
  3. Jd2477

    Veeb 2018-2019

    Hi everyone does anyone know if Veeb takes a credit cards for the $1000 deposit?