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    PASSED in 90Q Last Week, Ask Me Anything!

    No I am not NY based, however I applied for several jobs a month before I took the NCLEX and I got an interview and offers at all of them. I would not be worried, however I would be considerate of when people graduate, how large the hospital is, and what you would want to do start off as a new nurse.
  2. sarahzim

    PASSED in 90Q Last Week, Ask Me Anything!

    Thank you! I took 4 weeks to prepare, I know that for myself I get what I like to call "question fatigue" so I would only allow myself 3 hours of the day to study and do approximately 75-150 questions. If I did more I would find myself getting more questions wrong since I wasn't as focused as I was in the beginning of the day. I would say to not study anything today. Don't look at anything, just do something that will keep your mind off of it. You have done everything you possibly can and what you know now is what you know. I personally at the end of the night right before my exam looked at a NCLEX cram sheet. I read that cram sheet 4x before going to bed and 1x more before going into the exam. You can google it! Get a good nights rest and eat a good breakfast & don't forget to go to the bathroom before going into the exam lol
  3. Please ask me anything! This forum helped me tremendously while I prepared for the NCLEX and I would love to share some of my tips, tricks, and knowledge From what I can remember I had around 21 SATA, I started tallying them because at one point I had 3 in a row and it kind of freaked me out not going to lie. Also, they figured out my weakness and I had roughly 20-30 questions regarding pediatrics and maternal newborn. I would say that a majority of the rest of the exam that I can remember after hitting 75 questions was prioritization. I used both Kaplan and UWorld as well as other supplemental material that was floating around here!
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    Hello! So I am currently using UWorld and Kaplan, I find UWorld super helpful in the rationals and I do them most often. I found out that by taking my time and reading every rationals, my scores on the Kaplan prep have increased. When I read the rationals I will write down the concept in my own words and in a shorter paragraph because you will most likely not get the same exact question again but knowing the concept is what is key. I would recommend doing ~100 questions a day, and I honestly end up doing around 200 and I take my test in two weeks. I recently just took the computer adaptive test on Kaplan and got the green light which was comforting. When I started studying for the NCLEX with these two preps I felt honestly unprepared, but with consistency in doing questions and trying to understand the broader/general topic I feel more comfortable now. I would not reschedule your test! I think you've got it, you just haven't found your study groove yet.
  5. sarahzim

    I finished the NCLEX-RN 2019 yesterday. Ask me anything.

    How did you study? What programs worked for you and how long had you been studying for? Currently using Kaplan, but I'm considering purchasing UWorld. I also have an online tutor through ATI from my school that I am going to utilize as well. Congrats on getting 77 questions! I'm sure you passed no doubt
  6. Hello yall! So I don't know if this is how you make a thread on here but I wanted to know if anyone has applied to the Direct Entry MSN program at Marquette for non-nurses for this upcoming summer start! I applied wayyyyy back in November but haven't heard anything yet! Let me know if any of yall know anything! Thanks!