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  1. rrehak

    Nurses' Week - Upended.

    I was recently hired (not a new nurse, just a new job) and am the fourth of four nurses. The management is buying lunch today for us. But I'm off today because it's the start of my pre-planned and agreed to upon hire vacation. And not a real vacation - I'm taking my dying father on what will probably be his last trip, which my boss knows. I wasn't offered lunch on a different day. And when I get back, I'm scheduled for technician work for three days instead of continuing my orientation training. I probably won't be working here long.
  2. rrehak

    Irrational patients

    I appreciate both the nurses who discussed physical causes and those who said there are limits to the nasty behavior we have to take. You're all right in your own ways and those are both parts of nursing, along with therapeutic communication. However, I'd like to offer my perspective. My mother was a malignant narcissist. Getting sick at the end of her life only made it so much worse. Because of the verbal abuse she heaped on me, I finally had to chose to be her daughter or be her caregiver. The doctors and nurses loved her. She was sweet, articulate, adoringly vulnerable, and very kind to them. Most of the time. But her true nature would show itself when one of them didn't do what she wanted. Her face would change, she would give a death stare, and raise her voice. She alternately got very quiet and moody or flustered and yelling. And the things she said behind their backs to me often left me wondering if I'd be able to retain them as her health care providers. Not every crabby patient has an underlying mental disorder. But many do. Very few staff ever believed me about her true behavior. They didn't want to look past the possible physical causes or their belief that she was just reacting to her physical illness. Please tuck this in the back of your mind. Someday you may care for a patient like this. There can be more going on than what you see or what basic assessment finds.
  3. rrehak

    Recognizing Your Nurses

    It's sad, NotReadyForPrimeTime, that your workplace is like that. And many are - I've worked in plenty myself. Not all nurses make good managers and not all managers make good nurses. Unlike the training a nurse goes through in school, too many managers are promoted without the training to actually be good managers. When someone does have a manager who is at least trying to recognize the staff, even in small ways, I hope they give that person a chance. Many managers are still trying to help people, only it's the staff they're trying to help, not directly the patients.
  4. rrehak

    Recognizing Your Nurses

    As a manager, I was hoping to get more ideas from the comments for staff recognition. Instead it seems like mostly complaints about short staffing. And rather than start a war about that, here are the things I do for recognition, in case other managers are looking for ideas: 1. We put names of those who have done extra (pick up a shift, drive a coworker who's car is broken, comes up with a great idea) into a "hat" - yes THAT hat - and pick a winner at each staff meeting. I supply the prize out of my own pocket, which right now are a few tea light candles because I have plenty of them at home. 2. Send emails after rough days not only thanking the staff, but highlighting their great attitude. And my manager gets a copy. 3. Tell anyone who will listen to me that while the providers are the backbone, my staff is the lifeblood of the company. 4. Stop in at each clinic almost every day, just to say hi and make sure they are doing okay. 5. Sometimes I bake treats for staff meeting, which saves me money because I pay for them either way. My department doesn't have a budget for that. 6. Name specific staff who have a good idea in emails and meetings. I can't make more people apply for the open positions or get HR to process them any faster. But I do try to make my staff feel appreciated. And I'd love to hear other's ideas about this.