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  1. Hi, guys. I figure staring a thread for those who applied for the October cohort for Cedar Sinai New Grad Program. As for now, I believe the posting is closed.
  2. Newyaohan

    Lucille Packard Children's Hospital New Grad Program - Fall 2019

    Received an email saying they are going to start notify people next week. It’s supposed to be this week, but they said due to large amount of applicants the need an extra week to process.
  3. Newyaohan

    UCLA New grad residency summer 2019

    PICU interview has gone out?
  4. Newyaohan

    CHLA RN Residency September 2019

    Anyone hear back from PICU?
  5. ok, thank you for your information. I am wondering how can we know more about this program.
  6. I got in the Accelerated 2nd degree bachelor
  7. Congratulations to you too. Really? I thought they have have a entry in April. Anyhow, did you go to their information sessions? I heard the program is online, can you share with me some information, I honestly don't know anything about this program. Are you planning to attend or you are choosing between offers?
  8. yes, I just received an acceptance letter this morning by email.
  9. I applied the end of Jan, and just hear back from them today about my acceptance. But I applied for the Spring 2018 entry, and don't know why they put me to fall 2018 entry. Anyhow, finally hear something from them.
  10. Newyaohan

    Thomas Edison ABSN Spring 2018

    Don't worry too much about the TEAS, the English and math parts are easy, just slightly need to brush up the A&P content. I didn't study anything and did well on the exam. It's really basic information. And it doesn't matter how much you score, you are already admitted. They will not change your offer if you score low.
  11. Newyaohan

    Thomas Edison ABSN Spring 2018

    Yes, it is called Carteret Arms Apartment. The studio is 675, has onsite parking as well. if she wants more bedroom, then would be more expensive. I think it is really good deal right next to school.
  12. Newyaohan

    Thomas Edison ABSN Spring 2018

    Yes, you can give the email, and yes the apartment is still available. Have her email mirzabaig001278@gmail.com, my friend said she is going to show the apartment if she wants.
  13. Newyaohan

    Thomas Edison ABSN Spring 2018

    No, I quit my job right before the start of program, I know some did work through the program, I believe if you can work while you are in the program totally depends how much experience or knowledge you have with nursing. I don't have any kids either, so the only thing I do is study. Program is very intense but I like it also give you a lot of time on your own. Online classes are very time consuming, but not hard.
  14. Newyaohan

    Thomas Edison ABSN Spring 2018

    I highly recommend fellow students live close to school, some of my classmates live 2 hours away, they commute everyday 4 hours a day. It's been really tough. One day before clinical days, you need to come to hospital to greet your patients and look at the chart. Some of the days they just ask you come in just for an exam. The clinical starts at 7am. I have just graduated and passed the NCLEX. I have a studio apartment right next to the nursing building, my lease is until the end of March, if any students from April cohort is interested in please PM me or send me an email at mirzabaig001278@gmail.com
  15. Newyaohan

    Phillips School of Nursing ABSN 2018

    Hi, futureRN. I applied for the school as well. I am wondering how long you hear back from school for interview after you submit the application? And how is the interview? Group interview? What kind of questions they ask? Thank you