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  1. NoleArgo

    New Grad BSN/Military Spouse Moving to Tacoma Area

    I took the Nclex in Florida and got my original license there. But I know people who took it once they moved out of Fl to other states and there were no issues. It is really up to you. I did not want to worry about studying while moving across the country. But it is more streamlined and cheaper if you apply and take the exam in Washington. With that said it was super easy to apply for endorsement here and the process goes faster if you are a military spouse. Feel free to message me if you have any questions about the hospitals here and residency programs. I am working at St. Joseph in Tacoma and I really love the culture:). Good luck! Oh and also I recommend Uworld hands down to prepare for the Nclex.
  2. NoleArgo

    New Grad BSN/Military Spouse Moving to Tacoma Area

    Wow Cyclone67, Thanks for all of that info! It is SO APPRECIATED! So great to hear about your unit culture and the ratios. It is nerve-wracking moving so far away with little knowledge about the cultures in the different hospitals in that area. With regards to what you described about CHI Franciscan. Did you only apply to residency programs? With the revolving residency programs, they just post whatever positions they have open year round right? I definitely want to apply before I move, just don't know when would be too early to apply. Again thanks for all the great advice and information. You definitely gave me some much needed advice and direction.
  3. Hello All! First of all, I love this site and I have used it as a resource since I begin applying to nursing schools. My story is I will be graduating with my BSN in May 2018 in Florida. I will then be relocating to the Tacoma, Washington (JBLM) area in the summer in relation to a military move. My goal is getting accepted into one of the local Tacoma residency programs, wish list into an OB or Peds unit. Due to our cross country move and kids in school, I would not realistically be able to start in a residency program until September or later. My first question is may it seem delayed to the hospital employers to start 4-5 months after graduation? In my research I found that Multicare has residency programs starting the beginning of August and then end of October. I believe that the other local hospitals post their residency openings as they become available. If any one out there has specific guidance on the Tacoma area residency programs, advice is appreciated:) Also general tips on balancing being a new grad RN as a military spouse and a mom, or general info on living in the Tacoma area, would be welcomed:) Thanks!!!