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  1. soph22

    99% sure I failed NCLEX

    Thank you everyone for your kind and reassuring words!! After the most excruciating 49 hours of my life, i finally found out I PASSED! I have never felt so awful leaving a test, and just KNOWING i got so many questions wrong. It's true when they say the test is set up to make you feel like you failed!
  2. soph22

    99% sure I failed NCLEX

    I know this has been discussed one million times, but I need some advice right now. I took my NCLEX exam yesterday at 2pm, finished in 75 questions and left feeling completely defeated. About 8 SATA, a few meds, 2 math, and quite a few priority questions. Cried the whole way home, barely slept last night, woke up feeling completely nauseous and cried some more with my mom. After the exam, I looked up questions I didn't feel good about, and I know for sure I got at least 12 questions wrong (easy questions, mind you). My brain just wasn't functioning. I studied for 4 weeks straight, with only about 3 days off. My school used Kaplan, and I bought Uworld and used that for about 2.5-3 weeks with an average of 56%. I scored 11% over the average on the last two practice exams I took before the actual exam. I feel completely helpless, as I graduated from a very well-known accelerated BSN program and have only heard success stories from my classmates so far. I tried the PVT "trick" this morning, about 21 hours after officially starting the exam and got the "good pop up." I'm terrified to try it again. The worst part is that I have a great new graduate position lined up with my top hospital and am sure that I will have to start with the next residency cohort if I do in fact fail (in September). Anyone have any advice, similar experiences, or recommendations for what to do in the likely case I do fail?

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