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  1. SUNY Downstate FNP 2021

    Hi Everyone, I applied the last week of February. Currently, I am “Under program review”. Crossing my fingers and good luck to everyone!
  2. WWooowww! Super congratulations!! That is amazing! I am definitely going to request to join that group right now. Thank you for this information. I am hoping to finish within the first 12 weeks as well.
  3. Hi - I start Capella's RN to BSN next month. How is it going for you?
  4. Awesome Sauce! If you have been studying this entire time and you're confident, I would schedule it for next week.... But also keep in mind, that people reschedule their exams a lot, so before bed, check for new open appointments as they pop up rando...
  5. NY license posting wait time

    Haha.. We know the struggle! Keep us updated!
  6. NYS Licensing Process Delay

    Hello! It took about two weeks. I took the exam June 22nd and my license posted today 7/7.
  7. NY license posting wait time

    Hey everyone - MY license finally posted today! Super ecstatic! Thanks for your guidance through all of this!
  8. Nassau Community College Nursing: Fall 2021 Applicants

    Hello! I just graduated from Nassau's program in May. There were several Suffolk students in our program, as well as Queens and Brooklyn students. Do not be discouraged. Nassau residents receive 5 points for being a resident, but if you have the grad...
  9. ADN programs with low NCLEX pass rate/ high completion

    I graduated from an ADN program state school here in NY. We started out with 132 first semester but only about 70 of us graduated. It does appear that some schools "weed" out the students but from personal experience; the classmates I lost either gav...
  10. NY license posting wait time

    Awesome sauce!! 🤩 So ecstatic for you!!
  11. NY license posting wait time

    Ohh, so going by the dates on their website is pointless. I am definitely going to give them a call now. Thank you for your help! Much appreciated!
  12. NY license posting wait time

    Yea it is definitely a delay on the NYSED's part. We will be waiting in this game together 😀
  13. NY license posting wait time

    Hey, so the processing seems to be the same. I applied for RN license. For both licenses the website says 5/12. Maybe try sending a follow up to the state for application status?
  14. NY license posting wait time

    Ah man! That could be it. On their website, it states they are only reviewing applications received on 5/12/2020. Do you remember the date you applied for your license?
  15. NY license posting wait time

    Hi LNS95, I was curious to know if the state is going by date the licensing application was submitted. Some people are getting their licenses posted in NY at about two days after passing etc.. Would you mind sharing the date that you applied for your...