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  1. UTHSCSA Fall 2018

    Still no email for that training? Anybody knows anything?
  2. UTHSCSA Fall 2018

    Nothing yet!
  3. UIW/UTHSC - Fall 2018 TX (LOW GPA? STATS)

    What is the group called? Could you add me as well?
  4. UTHSCSA Fall 2018

    Have you scheduled the background check for uiw? Does anyone know if we do it for a program, but decide to attend another if we'd have to re-do the background check or it will be good for all?
  5. UTHSCSA Fall 2018

    April 2nd?? Noooo (( I will also be reserving my UIW spot just in case :/
  6. UTHSCSA Fall 2018

    Isn't this coming week spring break? We probably won't hear anything right? (Tears)
  7. UTHSCSA Fall 2018

    Hey Jen, I have a question about the required immunizations. Which ones are required for the program? And regarding Hep B, do I first get the titer then if not immune start the series?
  8. UTHSCSA Fall 2018

    Hey guys, y'all that applied to UIW as well have you gotten your interview notice yet? I just got a call today for one next week.
  9. UTHSCSA Fall 2018

    Hey, Jen! Completely off topic, but I wanted to hear your opinion on this. So, I have an ex-coworker who is in the program and called it unorganized. What do you think about it? She made it seem like professors were also a bit careless, I just wanted...
  10. UTHSCSA Fall 2018

    Darn! I was hoping we'd hear by early March...also I had no idea UIW even did interviews.
  11. UTHSCSA Fall 2018

    Did you call them?
  12. UTHSCSA Fall 2018

    Hey Jen, do you guys already have clinicals at the hospital? Or is that until later?
  13. UTHSCSA Fall 2018

    Ahh, I see! Regarding the vaccination, I was just wondering if I had to start them early, or if I could wait until I know for sure I've been accepted and will be attending to start them? I was also wondering about tuition, I'm trying to compare COA...
  14. UTHSCSA Fall 2018

    How is the program so far? The pace, the professors, the workload... also, how does the vaccination process work, I'm still confused about that? Thank you so much for making yourself available to us applicants, your input is so appreciated!!
  15. UTHSCSA Fall 2018

    Hey, guys! Just applied to UT as well My gpas aren't the greatest, so I'm a bit nervous Math&science I think is a 3.3/ overall 3.45/ TEAS 90.7