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HayRayRN has 2 years experience as a ADN, BSN, RN.

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    Advice for breaking nurse residency contract

    Hi just want to update for any readers out there, I gave it a year. I switched to days which did help my overall mental well being, but still really disliked the job and environment I was in. I was just tired of the constant issues with poor management, purposefully short staffing the unit (no tech, short a nurse, always being badgered to come in on days off to work), and this constant blaming the nurse for everything wrong culture that existed there. I made some great friends there, but it was a toxic place to work. So after talk with my management (who would not transfer me), family, coworkers, friends, I made the decision to quit so long as I had another job lined up. Never once was I questioned for only staying on the floor for a year in my interviews. Found a job in research & clinical trials. Also, while I do agree that employers invest in hiring and training new employees and will contract you to recoup costs....I have not seen another hospital in this city (major medical center in the US) contract for 2 years at a monetary value of 10k. The training I received was 1 teacher in a room of 150+ new hires, disorganized, busy work. It was kind of ridiculous, and I look back at that now and think it was a huge red flag. I still believe that program was a trap to new nurses. They hired so many, you'd get to your unit and look around and not a single experienced nurse was working the shift with you. That's scary.
  2. I'm a first year nurse. I'm also in my early twenties. Right out of school, I accepted a job in a nurse residency that offered training for a 2 yr contract and monetary agreement. I could not find another job, and was naive about accepting this job. I was never advised that with contracted jobs -- the hospital might have a retention problem. The program was extremely hyped up, and I felt like I needed the education. Fast forward to now, I work on my own on a surgical floor. I feel like things are not safe and I'm risking my license a lot of times. I've also realized that this floor is in general not a good fit for me. I go home after work in tears, unhappy and scared for my license and my mental health. Without getting into too much detail, I've talked to coworkers and they too think the floor is not a good fit for me. The only thing that keeps me pushing is the contract and my coworkers. I accept full responsibility for picking this job, even though now when I reflect, it seems to look like a trap for new grads. So my question is: Should I seek transfer (not sure they will let me)? Should I break my contract?