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  1. 3 year contract at Mercy to get the sign-on bonus (paid at 90 days) - if you leave before the contract is complete the bonus is prorated. The bonus is part of a push to remove travel nurses. ratio is 3:1 in ED. Any trauma, CVA, STEMI goes 1:1 automatically. Honestly, I've been really impressed with the new management and direction of Mercy locally. complete positive change of management 1 year ago from director up to C-level. Some departments are fully staffed after hiring during the last round in June. If you pick up OT currently "Mercy Pay" is an option. 20 to 30 dollars an hour on top of their OT pay, resulting in an hourly pay of ~$60-$65. As a manager put it "we're paying travel nurses that rate - why not pay our own people the same rate". It's great for new grads here.
  2. PrmedcRN

    New to Maine

    Looks like quite a few openings in Waterville and Augusta (30 minute commute) for ED and ICU nurses. I would be surprised if you had any difficulty getting a job, but I might be out of touch with Maine's RN job market. I'll leave specifics to the local folks.
  3. PrmedcRN

    Hiring an RN into private practice

    Not sure what the local state regulations are, but what about hiring paramedics? They'll have ACLS and can work under appropriate protocol and (hopefully) be competent in handling any seizures or other medical emergencies. Plus, the $20 an hour will be much more in line with paramedic pay. The part time availability of a paramedic that works 24 hour shifts is excellent. In Missouri, medics are used in the ED, pain management clinics, and some outpatient procedure areas. I would have loved a part-time low stress gig like this during my paramedic days. Not to mention you're paying my OT rate as a medic for part-time work.
  4. PrmedcRN

    Can't get a job

    The Midwest is full of job opportunities - class hasn't even graduated and everyone who has interviewed has received at least one offer (starting in May).