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  1. Chrissy_T

    Sheridan College RPN Sample Weekly Timetable??

    Curlykate, sorry I cant send pm's yet. If you like you could leave your email and i'll contact you
  2. Chrissy_T

    Sheridan College RPN Sample Weekly Timetable??

    Curlykate, I am in the program at sheridan. started last year may and if I had to do over I wouldn't have gone there. Some serious changes should made for it to be work. Maybe look into other schools first
  3. Chrissy_T

    Walmart cashiers wearing gloves?

    I am a cashier at walmart. I saw this a few weeks back and have wanted to answer for some time. A big reason for gloves is to avoid physical contact with allergens esp people allergic to seafood. Also the merchandise sometimes has dust and dirties your hands.
  4. It depends on how fast you want to get your diploma. Check with both colleges if you will have to do a pre-health program first. I am in the fast track program at Sheridan so I can only give my opinion regarding their program. I don't know about hiring statistics for any of the schools but for those writing the registration exam Humber has a higher pass rate as you can see here http://www.cno.org/globalassets/2-howweprotectthepublic/statistical-reports/nursing-registration-exams-report-2017.pdf First sem was ok and placement in longterm care for the second half of the semester. I found second sem to be the most hectic, placement is still at ltc 2 days a week for the whole semester. In 3rd you get to move to a more hospital based setting and it's 1 day a week. 4th sem you get to choose from some options about which setting you would like and have to do 80hrs every 2 weeks roughly 40/week, you have to get 30 hrs volunteering in the community for the whole sem.
  5. Hello @viccityRN, this is kind of a late response but you might want to consider Latitude Global Volunteering: Youth Volunteer Program. It provides an opportunity to volunteer in different countries either in Asia, Africa or the Caribbean. You can check their website at Lattitude Global Volunteering - North America for more info.
  6. Chrissy_T

    Textbooks or Ebooks - RPN

    I am in the RPN program at sheridan. I only bought text books for courses where access codes are needed. I find it easier using ebooks compared to texts. As for the timetables we get assigned timetables, no need to enroll. You'll probably get a day or two off each week.
  7. Chrissy_T

    anyone entering sheridan college for may 2018

    Hi. I did my hoae on dec 20th and got my offer letterthe next day. The hoae is not difficult but you have to prepare.
  8. Chrissy_T

    anyone entering sheridan college for may 2018

    Hi, I dont know if what you were asking for was time sensitive but i have been accepted for the sheridan may 2018 practical nursing program.