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  1. TyRoseD

    PSB-PN Exam advice, help..PLEASE!

    How did you do on the test the second time?
  2. TyRoseD

    Need Help Passing LPN-PSB Entrance Exam

    What type of Science questions was on the test?
  3. TyRoseD

    Studying for the PSB PN

    PSB Is this a good resource to utilize for studying for the PSB PN entrance exam? Should I spend the time on the vocabulary, antonyms, and analogies or would my time be better spent on something else? What did you find most helpful?
  4. TyRoseD

    PSB PN entrance exam

    I'm taking the PSB PN entrance exam next month. I've always wanted to go into nursing and made a last minute decision to try to make it in this fall. I've been studying non-stop for a few days now. A few questions. I'm using this as one resource t...