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    Breaking the Stigma of Addiction

    Hi Samantha, yes, please share these thoughts! It's a new yet simple approach that makes a lot of sense. Will you please omit the flyer pdf from any blog post? It's OK to reference cabridge.org. Thank you!
  2. RevolutionBreeze

    Breaking the Stigma of Addiction

    The ED setting is changing more and more, especially in California. There's a program specifically oriented towards offering SUD services in the ED. This allows folks who are experiencing withdrawal to be treated with buprenorphine in the ED setting, and be connected to on-going MAT by a designated patient navigator. There's still a long way to go to influence medicine as a whole, but there is movement. Check out www.cabridge.org for more info. They are kicking off a nurse training series this month, focusing on acute based MAT. CA BRIDGE - Nurse Training Flyer - 2021.pdf
  3. RevolutionBreeze

    Hot Cheetos are a public health menace

    Hot Cheetos strikes again! Rapper Lil Xan allegedly hospitalized after Flamin' Hot Cheetos overdose - SFGate
  4. RevolutionBreeze

    Please Give ME any Good Reason to Stay in the Nursing Field

    What position are you working in now? I'm curious of the various directions people go in away from bedside.
  5. RevolutionBreeze

    Please Give ME any Good Reason to Stay in the Nursing Field

    I find myself in a similar-ish situation. I have my RN, with 5+ years of experience, and am burnt out. About a year ago I sustained a back injury that means I will never work bedside again. As a result, I've decided to pursue my BSN. While I don't know yet what I will do with it, my goal is to move up the ladder, away from a lot of the brutal grind of bedside. I've also been contemplating not returning to nursing. I'm considering pursing project management post BSN, but time will tell. A BSN is a solid degree and speaks volumes to your abilities. Even if you don't plan to work bedside, or even in nursing, the education, critical thinking skills and people skills that come from completing this degree will give you an edge in the corporate world. I agree with others that us internet strangers can't really advise all that well, but will encourage you to trust your gut. In order to get that 6 figure salary you want, there will be compromises along the way, you'll have to decide which ones are worth it or not.