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  1. olivelucy

    NCLEX-RN Study Prep

    Thanks! Goodluck, Nurse! 🙂
  2. olivelucy

    NCLEX-RN Study Prep

    My school is weird and gives us the Summer off, so I won't be graduating until Fall. I'm just trying to get ahead and study this Summer so I'll be ready. When did you get UWorld? Like when did you start studying with it? I'm trying to figure out when a good time to purchase it is?
  3. olivelucy

    NCLEX-RN Study Prep

    Seems like we have the same study plan then... hopefully it works!! Are you just going through all the Saunders chapters? When do you test?
  4. olivelucy

    NCLEX-RN Study Prep

    Do you feel like the NCLEX was easier than you thought? I'm planning on using UWorld and feel like the fact that questions are harder would be better? @nursepaloma what did you end up using to study?
  5. olivelucy

    NCLEX-RN Study Prep

    Hi all! I am just looking for some guidance on studying for my NCLEX- RN. In the past, I used Kaplan to study for my NCLEX-PN and passed first time in the lowest amount of questions, but this was five years ago. I am now going to be graduating from an RN program and it seems that people are all about UWorld. I guess my question is: What did you use and what did you find the most helpful? Is there anyone who only used UWorld? Is there anyone who just took it and didn't study? I also have a Saunders book that I just got but it's a billion pages and I'm kind of just having a hard time deciding where to start. Help meeeee! Thanks 🙂
  6. olivelucy

    Highline Community College

    Hi all! Just gonna go out on a limb and see if anyone here has been accepted to Highline Community College in Des Moines ADN program and is looking to buy cheap nursing books from me. 🙂
  7. Hopefully you will see this and reply! I have been an LPN for two years in the state of Washington and recently have been looking into ISU. I guess I'm holding back because I can't tell if it is a scam or not. The application process seems rather odd to me, how was the application process for you? How did you know you got in? Thank you! I have a lot of questions haha