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  1. Hi "OBK2019" I am interested in attending LIU Brooklyn Nursing Program as well.Has anyone messaged you any information regarding what the program is like? Please let me know & all the best on finding the BEST nursing school! 

    1. foodprincess1


      Also.. I have a few questions

      Does LIU require an entrance exam(NLN,TEAS,HESI) or is it solely GPA based?

      What was the application process like?After you complete the online application, what happens next, do you meet with a nursing advisor? 


      Im just eager to know more information about the program from someone who has already been through the process.Nursing is a journey and I am looking for a supportive, organized school to help me along my journey & help me become a sufficient nurse.


      Looking forward to hearing from you 🙂



    2. OBK2019



      I did not have to take any entrance exam for LIU Nursing. I applied via the online application and sent some supplemental documents to an admissions counselor. I applied in the beginning of September and heard back early November. 

      Let me know if you have any other questions!

  2. foodprincess1

    Saint Joseph College Brooklyn Spring 2018

    :) SJC nursing students wooo hooooo
  3. foodprincess1

    Saint Joseph College Brooklyn Spring 2018

    ok so ill talk to you later
  4. foodprincess1

    Saint Joseph College Brooklyn Spring 2018

    AMAZING!!! You tackled 8 classes while working; I have to commend you are truly a scholar! I will PM you, thank you for being so kind!
  5. foodprincess1

    Saint Joseph College Brooklyn Spring 2018

    Hey sweetkeish I have good news!!! I begin SJC in the fall!! I got my acceptance letter in the mail yesterday, and I am so excited!!!! I have to make an appointment to register for classes, however I think I still might require a few prerequisites. I know I will need genetics, no doubt about that.If you did take it at SJC do have any words of advice on succeeding in that course? If you don't mind me asking which prerequisites did you take this semester? I would truly appreciate any advice you have on the prerequisites they required you to take this semester.Your advice would be a huge help for me, since I'm kinda nervous but excited at the same time lol. Are you SJC Brooklyn campus or SJC Long Island? I hope it's Brooklyn, maybe we can meet one another in the fall :)! Looking forward to your reply, hope all is well with you!
  6. foodprincess1

    Touro College Brooklyn BSN Fall 2017

    Hi macetheace04, Are u currently in Touro's nurisng program? If so,how is it? Are they supportive? Do you like it so far?
  7. foodprincess1

    Touro College Brooklyn BSN Fall 2017

    @ jazminjfuertes Congratulations!!!!!!!!!! How was the nln exam? What did you use to study & how long did you take to prepare yourself for the NLN?I am currently a Touro applicant, I have a high GPA, (3.8) just haven't picked a date for the NLN yet(I'm nervous).If you can please share any tips or advice on taking the NLN, it will be greatly appreciated!
  8. foodprincess1

    Saint Joseph College Brooklyn Spring 2018

    thank you sweetkeish :)!
  9. foodprincess1

    Saint Joseph College Brooklyn Spring 2018

    I am so happy to hear everything is going well so far!I'm currently an applicant for SJC nursing program.You are truly blessed,I am happy for you and I'm sure you'll excel in their program!You sound very determined in your post, and as a nursing student determination can take you a long way.Best wishes!
  10. foodprincess1

    Saint Joseph College Brooklyn Spring 2018

    Congratulations, you must be ecstatic!!! How's the nursing program so far? Are you attending the SJC Brooklyn, or SJC Long Island?(if you dont mind me asking) How's nursing clinical rotations going? I have interest in applying for (Fall 2018 SJC Brooklyn) so whatever feedback you can give on their program will be greatly appreciated.Best of luck to you!

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