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  1. Career Switch: Business to Nursing (ABSN Colorado)

    Thanks for all the informative replies. So, I've shadowed a nurse in pediatric oncology as well as a nurse in the adult ED. After seeing what a day-in-the-life is like, I definitely want to get into the field. Two questions: 1. A number of people h...
  2. Career Switch: Business to Nursing (ABSN Colorado)

    Thanks for your thorough reply @MSKW! I just got off the phone with MSU and they said it takes 2 years to complete the pre-reqs. I was surprised to hear this. As someone with a poli-sci degree, I assume that, like me, you probably had not taken any...
  3. Career Switch: Business to Nursing (ABSN Colorado)

    Ha. Thanks for the reality check. GPA: I scored nothing lower than an A- in all of my business classes (I was a marketing major, so those were the only classes I cared about), so if I can apply the same focus to my pre-reqs I should be in a better p...
  4. Career Switch: Business to Nursing (ABSN Colorado)

    Thanks for the thoughtful reply! My roommate is a nurse practitioner and has offered to organize shadowing with a nurse there for me. I think that would be a great step in helping me be 100% sure this is the right move long-term. Sounds like where ...
  5. Hello, After 12 years in the business world, I am ready for a change. Many of my good friends are nurses, and I am exploring this option. If I decide it's right for me, I am going to pull the trigger ASAP. First I have some questions, and hopefully ...