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    Alone in the PACU

    Hi Everyone. Do any other PACU nurses work alone on call? I work at a very small hospital and when the OR staff leaves after a surgery, in the evening or middle of the night, the on call PACU nurse is by herself. The PACU is isolated and no one could hear you if you shouted. I've never heard of this at any other hospital I've worked at. When I was a circulator at a larger hospital I was required to stay with the PACU nurse (if she was alone) until she could transfer the patient. This smaller hospital says the recovery nurse could call the house supervisor if necessary. That wouldn't make me feel better if my patient was in trouble. I wondered if this is common in other places?
  2. Statdotcom

    Should I run from this job??

    No offense intended.
  3. Statdotcom

    Should I run from this job??

    Clearly you're a special person "It's not my problem" is not my way either, which is why I've spoken up in staff meetings and to the manager, multiple times. Buy I have no managerial experience so am unsure of what processes to recommend for performance improvement. Don't think they need to reinvent the wheel. I'm sure there are systems out there to eliminate some of these problems, but I've been giving the benefit of the doubt for six months, and now I have reason to believe that laziness and lack of work ethic might be involved.
  4. Statdotcom

    Should I run from this job??

    Lol true.
  5. Statdotcom

    Should I run from this job??

    You are soooo right. It is exhausting and I'm the one catching mistakes so they're afraid of me.
  6. Statdotcom

    Should I run from this job??

    I was an OR circulator for a hospital with six ORs, for nine years. I left town for a while and when I came back I had the opportunity to work at a small specialty surgery center. The similar pay, no nights/weekends/call made me say yes to the new job. My problem is, six months later, that despite my speaking to the manager, speaking in staff meetings, and speaking to the staff, errors keep being made. The serious kind. Wrong site on consent forms (signed by three different staff members by the time I find it). Wrong name on chart or on schedule. Wrong side said in time-out. Some of the staff and the docs seem very casual about this (and about their sterile conscience), and don't seem to see the need to do better. I get the feeling I should shut the **** up. I'm afraid this is an accident waiting to happen, and I don't really want to be a part of it. I have started looking for another job. Am I over reacting??