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  1. MDC Miami Dade College NURSING Spring 2021

    That is a hard question as I definitely changed the way I studied every semester as not all classes nor professors are the same. But overall I would say it really helped reading before the lecture if you have time and printing the slides so you can t...
  2. MDC Miami Dade College NURSING Spring 2021

    the biggest challenge with MDC I would say is the lack of information, sometimes they do schedule changes last minute and it can definitely be an inconvenience. Unless you have a job that is flexible with your schedule it will be very hard to work an...
  3. MDC Miami Dade College NURSING Spring 2021

    Hello everyone I recently graduated from MDC this May, passed my NCLEX in July and started working this week. I want to wish you all tons of luck. Feel free to ask any questions. Good luck future nurses!
  4. MDC Nursing Spring 2019

    I got in the generic as well. Medical campus!!!
  5. MDC Nursing Spring 2019

    A hiccup? That makes me nervous. I was told the same if you accept the accelerated now you will forfeit your seat for the generic automatically and cant change. However, I rather do the accelerated than miss my chance by waiting for the generic. Hope...
  6. MDC Nursing Spring 2019

    I am in too!!! I am so happy, I cried when I saw the email. Best Wednesday ever! I hope we get the generic email soon.
  7. MDC Nursing Spring 2019

    I was so surprised too, I wish MDC advisors knew more info sometimes. But I am glad they are offering it. Question: do we need 2 letter of recommendation from professors? I graduated long ago and wouldn't know who to get those from.
  8. MDC Nursing Spring 2019

    I went to MDC today and I overheard a girl say she got her email for the transitional program, not sure if I heard correctly. Then I check this forum and read they had updated the website, so I have a feeling we will know this week. The advisor didn'...
  9. MDC Nursing Spring 2019

    OMG I literally sweating I'm so nervous and excited. I keep refreshing my email every minute now. Someone told me a computer system selects the students but I am not sure if that is true. Does anyone know how the selection process works?
  10. MDC Nursing Spring 2019

    Wow so happy someone has the inside scoop. I was checking the spring 2018 thread and they had their orientation Nov 13 - 27, they sent out the first wave of acceptances Oct 16 so they gave about a month to get all the paperwork ready. So assuming the...
  11. MDC Nursing Spring 2019

    Thank you, I feel so tempted to start doing some of this stuff, but will hold off until I get the acceptance. If what you heard is correct we will know in one week. Just typing that gives me chills. My CPR expired so for sure I'm going to have to do ...
  12. MDC Nursing Spring 2019

    OMG the schedule sounds great and you will have a guaranteed job when you graduate. Win-win in my eyes. For the BSN do you continue at Baptist or you can do it wherever?
  13. MDC Nursing Spring 2019

    Thank you for sharing your experience, I am very interested in applying for the scholars program. Which campus is it taught? What is your typical semester/week like? Do the 4 years start after graduation?
  14. MDC Nursing Spring 2019

    Does Baptist accept people from both generic and AO, or do you have to do a specific program? I had no idea you had to complete classes at Baptist for that scholarship. If they only take 35 people then it must be super competitive to get in.
  15. MDC Nursing Spring 2019

    Awesome, me too. Do you know anyone that has done the Baptist scholar? I am very interested in applying and I have all the requirements.