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Kenz0880 has 7 years experience as a BSN, RN.

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  1. I’ve been an RN now with my BSN for just over 7 years, working in large hospitals and within various areas. I’ve done critical care, worked a cardiac unit taking care of post op day #1 CABG patients, I’ve done general medsurg, partnered with Shirley Ryan Ability Lab in Chicago while working as a rehabilitation nurse, been a clinical coach and facilitator for Versant residency program, traveling to Savannah for in depth training, mentored newly graduated RN’s monthly for the versant team, and have always loved every minute of it. Recently I left my job with this large organization to take on a federal job and serve our nation’s heroes. While facing down COVID, one night in particular I was assisting a fellow employee draw trops on a patient needing them immediately that she was unable to get herself. I stepped in to be a team player. Another RN took offense to this as she was scheduled to leave at 0400 and wanted to give report at 0317 on her 4 “walkie talkie” patients so she could bail out at 0330. She made it off the unit at 0406 but felt the need to report me to the house supervisor for making her late leaving. This was months ago and she still hasn’t let it go and when I asked if the situation could be resolved to better work together, she scolded me instead stating I was ridiculous. She has less seniority at the VA than I do and I felt it was appropriate to call her out in a professional tone, and manner in private to which she also took offense. Any opinions, stories of similar situations, or constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated. She’s been very petty since, knocking my $6 Starbucks coffee to the floor, becoming defensive when I expressed disappointment at this, and acting like a child whenever I move where I’m sitting to be closer to patients who are detoxing or known to climb out of bed and fall. I gladly take constructive criticism and would love to know if or how someone has handled similar situations diplomatically and have not allowed it to affect their piece of mind. Much thanks! Mackenzie