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    First Nursing Job Offer - Advice Please

    Thank you so much everyone for the feedback. It's very helpful to read your comments. I have accepted the offer.
  2. Hello AllNurses, It's been a few months since I have logged on and it's great to be back. I am graduating in three weeks with my BSN and would appreciate an opinion or two on the job offer I am leaning towards. Mental health is my passion. The offer is for a mental health system in my area with about 10 locations with services in mental health treatment and substance abuse. I will be hired on as a float, Monday-Friday, 8-4. The position is salaried at 55,000/year with 7 hours PTO earned every 2 weeks. No call, no weekends. Also mentioned matching 401K and putting money into a 403B. It comes with full health benefits. I'm also starting grad school (PMHNP) in the immediate Fall and the Director assured me that they would work around my evening class schedule if I need to leave early/stay late some days. I've been a Nurse Intern (nonpaid) in mental health for almost 2 years this May. I never imagined my first nursing job being outside of a hospital but everything seems to be lining up. I'm 21 and haven't had much experience with any of this so your feedback would be much appreciated. Stay well everyone. -M

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