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  1. Burn ICU in St. Francis, San Francisco

    Has anyone heard good/bad things about this unit/institution? I recently got offered a position there, somewhat unsure about the environment in general, so I would appreciate any feedback!
  2. Too many degrees from one school?

    I don't necessarily think it's such a bad thing that you have all your degrees from there. I'll admit, it may seem a tad odd having WGU on all three of your degrees, but you can easily justify it to employers with factors such as the cost and quality...
  3. It’s official, I’m switching careers!

    Congratulations! Making a career switch is always challenging, but it seems like your heart is in it, and we couldn't be more happy for you. Wishing you an amazing career ahead! ?
  4. "Just a Med/Surg Nurse"

    I completely agree with our community members, Med/Surg nurses have entirely different monsters to deal with, so I don't think it's fair for people (including our nursing community) to be belittling in any way! Med/Surg nurses have to be amazingly de...
  5. Uworld

    First, I would definitely try to isolate what's going on, whether it be a test-taking issue or a material/knowledge deficiency. Finding that out can greatly benefit you in future studying and test-taking! When I used uWorld, I scored around the same ...
  6. Failed NCLEX twice!

    Keep up the positive attitude! Always remind yourself that the NCLEX is just a hoop that you have to jump through and that you're well on your way! If you can, try to isolate what aspect of the NCLEX you're struggling with, whether that be certain su...
  7. Starting in Home Health - Is the Experience Viable?

    Thanks everyone for their advice and such! I recognize how important updates are in terms of my decision-making and what I learned from this experience. So I initially accepted the job offer, but after I started orientation, it was relatively clear t...
  8. Starting in Home Health - Is the Experience Viable?

    Unfortunately, moving is not so much of an option for me. I'm trying my hardest to be flexible in terms of commute and facility, but it's still a tad rough out here. ?
  9. Starting in Home Health - Is the Experience Viable?

    Thank you for your post! When you say "acute care", are you referring to acute care units (ICU, CCU, etc.) or did you mean it more as an acute care setting (like any hospital)? I would prefer to work in Med-Surg, so I wouldn't be super down if it ham...
  10. Hello fellow AllNurses, I just recently got offered a job as a home-health RN as a new grad. Honestly, my end-game in terms of my career aligns more with working within a hospital-setting, but the job market has seemed particularly rough for a new gr...
  11. Stay in the MSN+DNP or drop out after the MSN?

    Community college at this point is out of the question. As much as I understand the point that you're trying to make, this is a poor way of executing it. I'm asking for advice, not commentary.
  12. Stay in the MSN+DNP or drop out after the MSN?

    Hey! So I broke your post down into a couple of subsections just so that I could address what you were saying, see above! Thank you for your response, I really, really appreciate it!
  13. Stay in the MSN+DNP or drop out after the MSN?

    I guess another piece of information that I should impart is that I'm from the Bay Area, and that FNPs and RNs (with a couple years experience) essentially make similar earnings. So I'm incredibly dismayed that with the extra schooling and additional...
  14. Stay in the MSN+DNP or drop out after the MSN?

    Just to clarify, it would be around $100K for the MSN (to essentially be a floor nurse), it would cost $200K to be a doctorally-prepared NP at the school. I don't think I plan on dropping out right now before I earn the MSN, I think that would be a l...
  15. Stay in the MSN+DNP or drop out after the MSN?

    Just to make sure that we're on the same page, the MSN + DNP would total around 200K, the DNP exclusively is not 200K. I think that I was very much in love with the school and its status, but after the MSN, I know I have that title from the school, s...