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  1. pi.student

    Nursing student and overhead costs

    Hello Nursing community, I come here as I am certain that my situation is not unique and am curious to learn how everyone else has managed. Situation: I am not 100% certain on how I will cover my overhead costs once I start an ADN program this Fall 2019. (In four MONTHS!) Background: Non- traditional College Student (age 32). Male. Debt: I will use my retirement to clear my debt by the time I start Fall 2019. I will have virtually $0 in savings. No other source of financial support. No family to co-sign on a loan. GPA: 3.7 Science GPA: 3.5 TEAS: 77% I have the following questions for those who have been through this: How did you manage? How many hours max did you find was reasonable to work without impacting your studies? What suggestions do you have for me? Thanks for sharing.
  2. pi.student

    Financial Aid

    I appreciate all of you for taking time out of your day to provide your input. All of your answers only confirms my decision. I was curious to know if there are any alternatives that I may not be aware of. It doesn't sound like there is so far. Thank you everyone!
  3. pi.student

    Financial Aid

    I finally completed my prerequisites and am ready to apply to ADN and BSN programs this upcoming cycle. However, I have 30,000 dollars in personal debt and 7,000 in school loans. I do not plan to work during the program. Therefore, I will need to take out a loan for my overhead costs, 2 or 3 years worth. I plan to apply to ADN programs with a potential start date of Spring 2019. Of side note... I have a 3.7 GPA. I have 4 years of direct patient care in an outpatient setting. I am a competitive applicant. Does anyone know of any loan types that may suit my needs? Otherwise, I will have to take 1 year off to work and pay off my debt before continuing my degree. With my current income I can significantly cut my debt by at least 70% in 1 year. Please share your thoughts and experiences. I am confused and not sure how to proceed. Thank you.