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  1. lsaxena

    Swedish new grad RN residency march 2020

    just wanted to share, I started at Valley Medical Center in ED this monday Feb 3rd. Happy to all of you who got job offers and appreciate all the help and support this group shared along the way.Who are still waiting, good luck to them as well. hang in there. you got this.
  2. lsaxena

    Swedish new grad RN residency march 2020

    Great work Nurselex27! Congratulations to get interview done at first hill. I got a interview call from valley health for general med RN position yesterday. I tried calling Issaquah swedish for medical specialty but cudnt get nurse manager details. However I left my details with a staff nurse but nobody called me yet. Don’t mind me asking what you usually say when you call to hospital to ask for manger. I meant how you pitch in phone? I picked med Surg units.
  3. lsaxena

    Swedish new grad RN residency march 2020

    NIce to hear from you Nurselex27. Good luck for Tacoma General. I havnt heard yet from them for in person interview even though I applied in Nov 19. Quite slow process.
  4. lsaxena

    Swedish new grad RN residency march 2020

    Thank you Nurselex27 for replying. Congratulations for receiving interview call and wishing you good luck for the interview. I would be glad to connect with you if you are interested. I am new to Seattle area and do not know any person from nursing fraternity here! I am located Eastside of Seattle, sammamish and applied to first hill and Issaquah campuses. Lovely Saxena
  5. Hi, I applied to Swedish new grad RN march 2020 cohort. but I hvnt heard for a in person interview yet after submitting video interviews in November 2019. Is there anybody else applied for the march 2020 cohort at Swedish if yes, have you got a call from HR yet for in person interview. please help. I recently moved from las vegas so dont have much network here to know the timeline. Thanks

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