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NickICU-RN has 20 years experience as a ADN, BSN and specializes in ICU.

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  1. Important and great article to share, Thank you... whether or not hospitals will take it seriously and do train additional staff correctly is the next question???
  2. NickICU-RN

    COVID-19 ICU, The 12 Commandments for Front Line Clinicians

    I heard a doctor on TV say this, "There are 2 wars going on, the first war is with the coronavirus... The second war is with stupidity!" Long term care is a huge battle ground for COVID, it sounds crazy that your fellow coworkers are not taking it s...
  3. NickICU-RN

    COVID-19 ICU, The 12 Commandments for Front Line Clinicians

    Many of the research studying groups of autopsy reports have shown clots throughout the body, heavy on the lungs, kidneys, with sometimes brain. Current protocol is to put Covid positive patients on blood thinners as a preventative measure.
  4. NickICU-RN

    COVID-19 ICU, The 12 Commandments for Front Line Clinicians

    Also for the record, I never did use vodka, I used moonshine which is a much higher proof and most definitely kills everything. I mentioned vodka really as the next best thing, figuring some people may not have moonshine available. So if one did want...
  5. NickICU-RN

    COVID-19 ICU, The 12 Commandments for Front Line Clinicians

    Tell me one other virus or bacteria that causes advanced vascular disease, a.k.a. blood clots everywhere in the body? If you don't believe me, check out the research, I'm convinced this was man-made! This was probably meant to be dumped on a battle...
  6. NickICU-RN

    COVID-19 ICU, The 12 Commandments for Front Line Clinicians

    Who ever said to wait until your shift is over? haaaaaaa Excellent advice! Stay Safe!!
  7. I did not climb a mountain nor talk to God, but I did stare the devil in the face! As a New York Covid-19 ICU RN, I felt compelled to help my fellow clinicians in other states as they are now seeing spikes. 1. Assume Everybody is Covid-19 Posi...
  8. Hospital Acquired Pneumonia (HAP) is a severe and sometimes fatal infection. HAP is dangerous because patients already hospitalized have weakened immune systems. Research shows that the suctioning of oral & subglottic secretions in intubated and ...
  9. NickICU-RN


    I would suggest doing the research at a local nurse association conference. Talk to the organizer about setting up a table. I'm sure they would give you a discount. Basically stand there all day and poll people that you can back up their credentials....
  10. NickICU-RN


    Kitiger, RN is correct in terms of a journal worthy valid study, but in terms of polling people for something that will not be published or used in a valid study allnurses.com is just fine. For lack of better words, "for Fun"
  11. NickICU-RN

    Does the BSN in 10 apply to all nurses or just RN's and why?

    I've heard of BSN in 5 years mandatory, but not sure anybody cares enough to enforce it.
  12. The research was done in Japan at 95 different palliative care facilities. My apologies, I could not find anything like it done in the US. But just as once cannot assume that Japanese perceptions of compassionate dying is the same as Americans, one c...
  13. "To Suction or Not To Suction, End-of-Life & Hospice Patients" is an article I recently published in allnurses.com and the responses were very conflicting. As of today Sept. 13, 2018, there are over 16,000 views of the article and 3 pages of clin...
  14. I've been an ICU RN for 15yrs, so I have dealt with End of Life Care plenty. I was always taught to either oral suction or deep suction with a suction catheter if your patient sounds like he or she needs suctioning. But of recent, I have run into som...