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  1. Children's National DC Spring 2021

    That's good to hear!! Thank you for the info! How has it been for you alternating between day and night shift? That's something that is new to me. I know as a new grad that I should expect to work nights for a while but alternating between days and n...
  2. Children's National DC Spring 2021

    Yeah, I think it's the Mt. Vernon in Virginia! I'm not too familiar with the area, I am from CA so I have been trying my best to learn about the desirable areas before I think about making the "big move."
  3. Children's National DC Spring 2021

    Congrats that's so exciting! I will definitely check out those places as well. I've also heard that Mt. Vernon is a good place to live?
  4. Children's National DC Spring 2021

    Thank you I will definitely have to check those places out!! Did you also get an offer for the CICU?? Is the salary they are offering typical for the DC area/do you feel like it is enough to live off of?
  5. Children's National DC Spring 2021

    Hey! I received an offer for the new grad residency program for the CICU. They are offering $29/hr to start plus differential for critical care pay, night shift, weekend shifts, etc. I am also struggling with this decision right now since the cost of...
  6. Hi there! Did you ever hear back after applying for the peds residency? I just recently applied!
  7. Children's National DC Spring 2021

    Yes that would be awesome! I would love that! I do love it here too but I'm ready for a change. I've always enjoyed visiting DC!
  8. Children's National DC Spring 2021

    I'm applying from California so I would be relocating! If I end up getting an offer it'd be great to get to know people from the area and also where all the good spots to live are haha. Totally getting ahead of myself I'm just getting excited about ...
  9. Children's National DC Spring 2021

    Thank you and likewise! Yes, they really are!! They did tell me it would be after the holidays too which is kind of nice so we can relax and enjoy! hahah. May I ask where you are applying from?
  10. SHARP New Grad Program Spring 2021

    For those who have received offers/reference requests have any of them been from the trauma neuro PCU?
  11. SHARP New Grad Program Spring 2021

    Do you happen to know how the scoring system works? I remembering the panel members mentioning a point system during my interview but I am not sure how they score the applicants. I didn't think to ask at the time.
  12. Phoenix Children's Hospital | New Grad Residency

    Just an update... I've tried contacting them several times and I haven't heard anything back. I am wondering if the residency program is postponed due to COVID. I'll keep trying! Maybe things are just hectic right now and they have not had a chance t...
  13. Children's National DC Spring 2021

    It went really well! There are three rounds of interviews. I completed the first and second rounds and I am waiting to hear when the third round is going to be. Everyone has been super nice and supportive. The interviews have been more conversation-b...
  14. CHOC Children's RN Residency Feb 2021

    Also, for those who applied to the medical unit and are waiting to hear back, I did see a post on facebook that said their medical/surgical interview offers have been sent out. It sounds like PICU, CVICU, and neuro interviews have also been sent out!
  15. CHOC Children's RN Residency Feb 2021

    Woohoo! Congratulations on the interview! May I ask if you have had any previous clinical experience in the CICU?