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eprnlittlerock has 26 years experience and specializes in electrophysiology.

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  1. eprnlittlerock

    ICD Support Group using Social Media

    Has anyone done or doing an ICD Support Group using Social Media? Can you give me information on what media and how you went about starting! Studies that have been done, especially at a VA Hospital! Thanks!
  2. I am looking to start an ICD Support Group using FACEBOOK as the media link. Has anyone tried this and do you have any suggestions? please e-mail me at j.killebrew35@yahoo.com
  3. eprnlittlerock

    A Flutter irregular, it is A Fib?

    hey, the best way to tell what the rythym is, is to take the pt to the ep lab. by putting catheters in the heart, you will be better able to tell. it depends on where the focus is coming from. the av node slows the conduction. most a-fib come from around the pulmonary veins. you have to put a catheter into the coronary sinus. most a-fib is left sided(from left atrium), flutter is mostly right sided(right atrium).
  4. eprnlittlerock


    Do you give large amounts of propofol? Less than 10mg?kg? Have you had to intubate your pt. in an emergant situation? How much versed and fentanyl do you have to give to do your ICD testing? I have not heard of a SRNA. What is an SRNA? I don't mean any disrespect!
  5. eprnlittlerock


    We use propofol for cardioversion and ICD checks. With the short half-life, the pt is awake with 2-3 minutes after in med. Small amounts(50-100mg, depending on the pt size and weight) should have the pt comfortable and maintaining the own airway. With versed and fentanyl(both in large amounts, depending on the pt size and weight) have such a long half-life, that they have to be nomitored much longer. How would you go about sedating these pt.? Even if the pt. needs more sedation ie. long a-fib ablation, small amounts of propofol can be very helpful and maintaining the pt. own airway. Do have have any other seggestions to make for these situations?
  6. eprnlittlerock


    I work in an EP lab. We are going to do a study on the advantages of propofol vs. versed and fentanyl. propofol has such a short half-life vs. the other. For cardioverson, ICD check and in addition to versed and fentanyl(for pt with difficulty providing adequate CS). An abstract was presented at HRS last year, Can anyone help us with some information or input?