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anniesezz MSN

Psychiatric and Mental Health Nurse
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anniesezz has 5 years experience as a MSN and specializes in Psychiatric and Mental Health Nurse.

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  1. If you live in Alabama, Florida, Georgia or Mississippi, UA has an online FNP post graduate certificate. Very affordable and I believe only (1) one-day visit in the first semester.
  2. anniesezz

    Post- Grad PMHNP online school help!!

    I too have MSN (Leadership/Management) and researched post-grad certs. I came up with UC (Cincinnati), Texas Tech, EKU (Eastern Kentucky), and UA (Alabama Tuscaloosa). Leaning toward UA. Two of the three master's level courses that I took at WGU are transferring and will be able to complete the program in 16 months (4 semesters). UA was also the best cost-wise.

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