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  1. PBNJ1118

    LPN/LVN asked to be a preschool teacher to patient

    Thanks for your Input I Totally agree. In my case it is a bit different, client is a toddler, way above average cognitively, running around all day playing. There’s no developmental delay and her medical condition has greatly improved. That is why I feel the need to move on to another patient where I can do more skilled nursing and get more experience since I’ve only worked with this Client since graduating nursing school. But thank you for your I input. I apréciate it.
  2. I’m an LPN working in in home care with a pediatric patient. I’ve been working with this client for almost 3 years, and since then client has significantly improved, no longer vent, gtube dependent, and fully ambulatory. Able to speak clearly, and have needs known. Recently my nurse case manager came to me and told me I no longer had to focus on the patients medical needs or clinical area of the care but instead would work with client for cognitive development, learning, letter and numbers, playing with patient, and working on physical activities per patients mother. I was offended that the nurse care manager would not address that to clients mother that I am a nurse and not a preschool teacher. But end of story I asked to be changed to a different case. And that is on the process right now. But has anyone else working as a nurse In in home care be asked to do something completely non nurse related? Or is this normal? I feel bad that I don’t want to do that work because I’ve been with the family so long, but I feel that as a nurse that is no longer my place to work at and the family needs to hire a private preschool teacher if that is what their seeking and not expect a nurse to do that.
  3. I’m an LPN working with a pediatric patient in their home, and I was told by my nurse care manager I no longer would focus on the medical issues but on clients cognitive development, such as learning to read, weighting, and working with patient on doing physical activities. I have been working with this patient for almost 3 years. Since I started working this patient has improved significantly and no longer needs vent, gtube, and is fully self abulative. But still has a Trach in place. Recently my nurse care manager came to me and told me I no longer would focus on the patients medical needs or clinical part, according to the patients mother petition, but would instead focus on the ped patients cognitive development, such as learning to read, learning numbers. Playing with patient, and working in physical activities with client. I personally feel that is not my place to be at anymore because I studied to become a nurse not a preschool teacher. And I feel sort of offended that the nurse manager would agree to me doing that kind of work without telling the clients mother that’s not what nurses do. End of story I asked to be moved to a different case, and that currently is in the process. Has anyone had a similar experience? Or how would would you react if that was you? Or any comments on the situation?
  4. PBNJ1118

    LPN In Home Care

    So I'm an LPN in Oregon working in pediatric in one care with medically fragile children, And A particular family I work with seem to be sort of abusing not sure, or miss using their hours for home health aids as the mothers personal maid. I'm 8 hrs a day with client so mother can have some relief, and the home health aid is at the patients home at the same time either cleaning all the clients home, which in this case the client is a 3 year old. So home health aid will clean up after a whole family of 8, and baby sit for the mother, make dinner for the whole family, and do nothing that has to do with the patient. I'm the one who cleans up all client related things such as dishes, and room, etc. So is this right that the health home aid is put to do all these things? Also this home health aid is a family member hired on thru DHS. This particular client is a foster child at the time. But the home health aid is ok with all the work. Because the home health aid got hired on by the mother but insurance OHP is paying. So OHP is pretty much paying for this family to have a maid just because they have a special needs child. Is that corrupt in a way or is my thinking wrong.