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  1. nurseprincesss

    Two mistakes in 2 weeks

    Oh my god.. why do nurses have to report every single thing to management about each other? We are in a hard enough job as it is.. and if no patient was harmed and all ativan is there, you guys could have counted it and placed it back in the fridge together.. the end!! Why must nursing make mountains out of tiny ant hills? ..This is why people leave/burn out
  2. nurseprincesss

    Kaiser telemedicine RN from home

    Can you send me the same PM's too, i have the same questions as well. Thanks
  3. nurseprincesss

    Actual job requirements of teletriage

    Is there anyway to message you? I have some questions about Telephone triage, and have found nobody to talk to
  4. nurseprincesss

    Kaiser telemedicine RN from home

    I am very scared about this job as well, I'm not sure how it will feel using your brain 24/7 and never having any downtime between calls for the rest of your career. In all nursing professions you can take a breather, or take a break/get off the floor if you are stressed. You can even go to bathroom to cooldown, but with this job you can't go to bathroom unless you go off the clock. I know the turnover rate is pretty high, not sure how sustainable it is mentally longterm
  5. nurseprincesss

    Telephone Triage Nurse topic is dead

  6. nurseprincesss

    Telephone Triage Nurse topic is dead

    Nobody seems to be there. I just got accepted to the triage telehealth work from home/811 nurse job and I feel I might be making a mistake.. I just wanted other opinions who have worked there before. My concerns are - The shifts rotate from day evening night, will that be hard on the body? - The constant sitting and tiny 15 minute breaks away from the computer, could that increase weight gain not being able to ever stand up? - The back to back calls and feeling stress most of the shift because each call is a challenege/unexpected and a problem you must solve while being listened to and judged by the team leader.. can that cause quick burn out? Just wondering if anyone worked this job before and had any of these issues
  7. nurseprincesss

    If you could redo it....would you choose nursing?

    I would not sadly
  8. nurseprincesss

    25 Funny Nursing Memes

    The nightshift one is literally my life. I've scared a few UPS delivery people
  9. nurseprincesss

    Work From Home: Utilization Review

    I would like to try this as well but is it offered in Canada?
  10. nurseprincesss

    Have I ruined my nursing career?

    I just started lurking these forums and reading random posts here and there, but your post made me actually create an account for the first time. The world is such a mess, we judge others and portray our insecurities onto them to feel better about ourselves. It has nothing to do with you, this is the world's problem and it makes it a much worse place for everyone. Notice how animals don't judge each other? Every one of us will end up looking identical on our palliative bed, weak frail and with the same elderly face.. yet some people choose to be immoral and bully others because they are weak. Hang in there and remember this is the world's problem, not yours. Like others I'm curious what kind of bullying you experienced as well, I've seen all kinds of bullying in nursing to a variety of people. I've seen an entire nursing home gang up one one nurse (a beautiful woman who was smart and did nothing wrong). Nursing can be a very toxic environment for sure.