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  1. I got my acceptance email too! SSC generic full-time!
  2. fitnurse120

    Seminole State Summer 2018

    I did the same thing coily-girl, and KaitM is right we got this! :)
  3. fitnurse120

    Seminole State Summer 2018

    So glad y'all responded! :) I forgot to add my stats: Prerequisite GPA: 3.63 TEAS: 88% I'm happy I found allnurses because reading posts from prior terms at Seminole has really helped with the wait. We've made it this far, sending nothing but positive vibes your way!
  4. fitnurse120

    Seminole State Summer 2018

    I have a countdown app that I look at all the time to stay motivated. I'm patiently waiting, only 8 days left!
  5. fitnurse120

    Seminole State Summer 2018

    If you've applied for the summer 2018 nursing program at Seminole State or UCF comment below with any updates or stats

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