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  1. agrichard

    Per diem job ideas?

    Hello everyone! I currently live in the state of NY (not NYC) and work as a nurse case manager. I love my current job and am in search of a per diem job to make some extra money and try a new field in nursing. Does anyone have ideas for per diem jobs besides picking up shifts at a hospital?
  2. Hello all! I recently accepted a new position in case management at a local company. I've been working night shift bedside from about 3 years. I've grown very used to the night shift routine with sleeping and going about my life. I'm finding it difficult to get back to a "normal" sleep schedule. I'll get these random bursts of energy at 3AM and can't sleep. Does anyone have advice on how to tackle getting back to a normal sleep schedule? Also did anyone miss bedside nursing after working in Case Management? Another thing... I told my family and friends about the good news of my position. My friends were very supportive and understanding as to why I'm leaving bedside, but my family is convinced I'm not a nurse anymore because I'll be working in an office. I told them nurses can wear many hats but the aren't convinced. Any advice on this issue? Thanks!!!!
  3. agrichard

    Poorly fitting scrubs

    Hello all! I'm 5'7" and about 115 lbs, I have a very hard time finding scrub tops that fit me well. I'll try on a small and it fits to loosely, and an xsmall is too short on my torso. I like tops to fit a little more snug so they don't look unprofessional. Anyone have suggestions on brands that sell tops that fit tighter and longer in length???? Thank you!