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dosharn has 10 years experience as a BSN, RN, EMT-P.

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  1. dosharn

    Nurse Go Bag

    I come from a medic/EMS background so am used to carrying lots of things in my "war chest". May or may not be overkill but I'd rather have it and not need it than vice versa. All of this surprising fits into a very manageable sized bag. It's all in the packing! hemostats trauma shears tweezers penlight tongue depressors/bitestick 5x9 trauma pads 4x4 gauze Band Aids Telfa rolled gauze ("cling") 12x30 trauma dressing cat tourniquet eye wash solution small bottle sterile H2O ace wrap coban cotton tip applicators cravats cold packs tape alcohol prep pads SAM splint gloves bp cuff & stethoscope pulse oximeter oral airway set hand sanitizer CPR barrier facemask w/eye shield bvm glucose tablets/paste chewable diphenhydramine Epipen Sharpie marker
  2. dosharn

    I don’t know if I like school nursing

    Honestly, that's pretty much the way it is anywhere. After a while, you'll just become "immuned" to it, although there will always be times when something just gets under your skin and makes you want to run your head through a wall. When you have those moments just remind yourself of the work schedule, summers off, etc! If you find yourself still getting frazzled, pick up some PRN med-surg or LTC shifts. That will make you run to the school!
  3. dosharn

    Happy Nurses' Week, my loves!

    This definitely hits the proverbial nail on the head!! I reside in my batcave and await for the bat phone to ring or the bat light to illuminate overhead
  4. dosharn

    Do You Remember...

    Ah, yes, that was, as the saying goes, back in the good 'ol days. Fast forward to today's society where instant gratification, ZERO coping skills, and no responsibility are the norms and everybody gets a trophy!!
  5. dosharn

    Weird reasons to come to school nurse?

    "Another kid sat on my head and farted". I wish I could say I am joking but....... And the chief complaint was not head pain, but rather "my nose burns now".
  6. dosharn

    School nurses...do you work through the summer?

    Usually do summer school if it's offered. Also do some weekend shifts throughout the year and pick up more shifts during the summer on the Psych unit.
  7. dosharn

    I got the job!

    Congrats on the job!! That's the student hours at my school as well. My required hours are 8:00-3:30. I usually arrive at 7:50 and leave at 3:40 or so.
  8. dosharn

    I got the job!

    This is EXCELLENT advice! I'm convinced there are politics involved in any nursing job. Always remember that you can and will never keep everybody happy. That being said, any decision made on the side of child (patient) safety is the best decision, regardless whose feathers get ruffled. Funny as it may sound, #2 above can quite possibly end up being one of the most challenging and frustrating parts of the job......and on a daily basis. Many of these young ones are very shrewd and are already in tune to the proper terminology (i.e. "dizzy", "struck in head", etc. etc.). This, along with the fact that we should never blow anything off, may end up in phone calls and/or send-homes that some faculty members may deem unnecessary, but always remember- it's YOUR license on the line, not those who may try to tell you how to do your job!

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