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  1. dosharn

    Hours days and pay

    We have mandatory in-service training and meetings on "student off" days, but they are actually relaxing compared to the days with 1500 kids under the roof.
  2. dosharn

    cell phones in clinic

    Positively no phones or computers. An exception is, like mentioned, to allow a student to look up an alternative contact number, or to use the cellphone to call home. You'll find it amazing the amount of parents that won't answer the phone when they see it is the school on caller ID.
  3. dosharn

    supplies & budgets

    I try to use items for double and triple duty in effort to maximize storage space as well as to stay within the ever important budget constraints. For instance, at one point we had triple antibiotic ointment, Bacitracin, Bactine, Cool Jel, alcohol (prep pads and bottle) and peroxide (in addition to the time tested and proven soap and water). Another example was alcohol prep pads, sting swabs, Caladryl and Calamine. Are your clinic supplies basic or do you have the whole gamut such as described?
  4. dosharn

    Got an Offer!

    Welcome to the Hotel California, I mean school nursing world.....you can checkout but you can never leave.