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  1. misschapellovesspock

    Forensic/SANE nurses: Where did you start out?

    Hey everyone, I’m a current nursing student (half way done!) in California and have become more and more interested in the Forensic nursing field, and more specifically interested in someday working as a SANE. What would be the best departmen...
  2. misschapellovesspock

    Psych RNs - what is rewarding for you?

    I'm currently in nursing school and about to start my Psych clinicals. I have been interested in psych for a long time, but after my initial orientation at the psych facility where my clinicals are, I realized that my idea of Psych nursing is probabl...
  3. misschapellovesspock

    CSUEB - Cal State East Bay Nursing BSN Spring 2020

    Hi everyone, I also was accepted to Spring 2020 in Concord! After opening the admission e-mail for only a moment, I must have accidently archived it or something because it immediately disappeared from my inbox, nowhere to be found. For a split seco...
  4. misschapellovesspock

    Need advice

    It sounds like you need some exposure therapy! This might seem insane, but I would go to your supervisor or whoever you answer to, explain your situation, and then ask to hang with one of the phlebotomists for a day at the hospital and just watch the...
  5. misschapellovesspock

    dealing with imposter syndrome

    Sometimes no matter how much effort you put into a class, you still come up short. It could be the teacher's class style or how points are calculated for a certain class or any number of factors. It is possible to do everything right in terms of stud...
  6. misschapellovesspock

    How to handle different prerequisites?

    OH man, I feel you on this one. I would really discern which program you would most like to get into and mainly follow their pre-reqs. What state do you live in? I don't think it's that necessary to send out a ton of applications. If your grades are...
  7. misschapellovesspock

    Competitive gpa for Nursing in California

    Hi there, I live in the East Bay and was just accepted to two nursing programs. My GPA is 3.6. I think the admissions board choice about an applicant is mainly based on GPA, TEAS/HESI score, and letter grade in A&P. That being said, it seems as t...
  8. misschapellovesspock

    Dominican University of CA Spring 2019 BSN program advice

    According to the website and what I've learned from one of the admissions counselors there, your overall GPA has to be at least 3.25, and your science pre-req GPA has to be 3.25 as well. I believe they favor those who have high grades in Anatomy and ...