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  1. I got my "pending" license number right away - as soon as Nursys sent Washington the info and I applied for the Washington endorsement. I opted to go to Washington to have my fingerprints done, instead of sending them in and I had my fingerprints done in Vancouver last Tuesday (today is Tuesday) - it was the earliest appointment I could get. It was a week out from when I made the appointment. My license still shows as pending...I've been checking every couple days. FYI, I applied for the license on 10/8
  2. StudentRN56

    Best first jobs?

    What is a good first job for a new graduate? I'm looking to get some experience to make myself attractive to hospitals/acute care. I haven't gotten a residency spot but I will keep trying. I'm interested in peds, med-surg, or public health...
  3. I graduated with an ADN in August. There are 2 main hospital systems where I live. The residencies at one of the hospital systems have been filled - my classmates who got placements there either already worked for that hospital system or did their senior practicum there. I applied, but I didn't get passed the video interview portion of the hiring process. The hospital system I did my practicum at only fills residency spots with BSNs or current employees - so I had classmates who worked there as CNAs get some of those spots. Here's my plan - I got a job doing home care with medically fragile children. The patients will often have trachs, vents, and/or feeding tubes - so I should get a lot of experience there. The pay is better than a SNF and the hours are flexible. I am working on an online RN-to-BSN degree. After I get the BSN (hopefully in 6 months), I was planning to apply again to the residency programs at all the local hospitals... Here's my question - Is this a sound plan? Covid messed up the last 2 terms of school, so I didn't get much clinical time the last year, but I did get the senior practicum. I know people also do SNFs for a year or two and then are able to get into the hospitals - in my area there doesn't seem to be any chance of a hospital job without a year (at least) of experience or a residency.
  4. No problem! Glad to help 🙂 I wish I was able to move there because they have some great residency opening through Providence. Spokane is enticing to us but my husband has a great job here - so here is where I'm looking... Good luck on the NCLEX and the job hunt!
  5. I already had my Oregon license number - so yes, you need a license number from one state before using nursys. Honestly, I don't remember if I did nursys first or the state of Washington part first - I did them on the same day...
  6. Ooops, missed that last part - I was hired by a pediatric home care company on both sides of the river. They have patients in Vancouver but not in Portland yet, so I am getting the Washington endorsement.
  7. I had to go through NURSYS to have Oregon send Washington my transcripts and license info. I had to pay Washington DOH for their license. - then I waited for the email about the background check/fingerprinting (took about a week) and now I've paid the fingerprint fee (@ $35 if you mail it in and $50 to go to Washington and get the digital scan there) - my appointment for the fingerprint scan is next week.
  8. I am licensed in Oregon and working on getting my Washington endorsement - I received a "pending" license number for Washington in a day or two after initially applying. After waiting for the fingerprint card to be mailed to me for over a week (which was actually an email, with slightly confusing instructions), I ended up making an appointment to get my fingerprints done in Vancouver. It costs more to go in person but they digitally send them to the DOH and the results are faster. Not sure where you are located, if that is even feasible, but it is what I opted to do.
  9. you can't. 😞
  10. I know these are strange times, but my school has a small group of students that will never have had a hospital clinical placement. We graduate at the end of the Summer, so this is our last chance to see a hospital as a student. I guess I thought that all of us would get at least one clinical placement in a hospital. Most students in my cohort will have had 2 terms with hospital clinical placements, it is just a few who will not get them at all. So, they chose to have specific people not go into the hospital. So my question is, is that unusual for people to only have long term care clinicals in nursing school?
  11. StudentRN56

    Returning to Campus-COVID-19 Question

    My school allowed us to go back to questions - sometimes even showed us the entire test - for the first two terms (or maybe just the first). Then they set it up so it was NCLEX style - once you answer it, you move onto the next one and can't go back. But, they told us up front that they were going to do that to get us used to that style of testing. As for taking the final in person, we are taking our final this term online through the respondus secured browser - where you take video of your area and all that. We've taken all our exams this term through Respondus. For Summer term, they are planning on having us come into the school in smaller lab groups (8-9 people) to work on skills and maybe do some sims.
  12. StudentRN56

    Fall Semester and COVID

    I'm in Oregon and one of our school's usual hospitals has opened up to some nursing students, the other hasn't yet. But they may in July - they are going to re-evaluate as the state opens up more and we see what happens with the numbers of infections. I graduate at the end of Summer - so I'm hoping that there will be a clinical placement for me, preferably in a hospital. I've heard long term care and rehab centers are ready for students.
  13. I took A&P online at Mt Hood Community College - I'm now in their nursing RN program. I believe that the OCNE community colleges accept them, since many of them also have science prereqs online as well...