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  1. jeffecyn

    Virtual Simulation Programs!

    two days per week for 9 weeks. 9-1 one day and 9-3 on the next - it is pretty much solid work - I did have a lunch break but just went to the kitchen. 9-1 is on the first day and we had work to finish after the scheduled "class" time but we were done at 3 the second day. The hours/curriculum was determined by the state board of nursing, is my understanding.
  2. jeffecyn

    Virtual Simulation Programs!

    My cohort is graduating in August - so we have 2 terms left. This term it seems will be all online. On what was to be our clinical days we are meeting via Zoom with our clinical groups and working on case studies that have been developed to guide our learning and cover a wide variety of frequently seen in actual hospital situations but that also cover material that we are learning about in theory classes as well. They are guaranteeing that we "see" a wide variety of patient situations (yesterday we had patients with an MI, an amputation d/t osteomyelitis, and a severe asthma attack). So, we are trying to make the best of the situation. Our final term is this Summer and we are supposed to do our preceptorship. So, we shall see...
  3. jeffecyn

    Virtual Simulation Programs!

    My program took an extra week for Spring break and we will return on Monday 4/6 to online lecture class and the start of our Spring term. I was supposed to do 2 - 12hr clinical shifts per week for 8 weeks during Spring term. Clinical rotations have been postponed until May (for now). But I will find out more on Monday when school goes live. Also, I only know the May date for clinical because one of my classmates has a different clinical instructor who told her student that time frame - my clinical instructor has said nothing to any of us, so theoretically we could do clinical rotations starting next week, I don't officially know...
  4. jeffecyn

    An easy lab value mnemonic that I made up (NCLEX)

    I know this is super old, but thanks, it is still helping I am working hard to remember the lab values and some are really easy for me but others, I'm not as sure about - then test anxiety slips in... So this gives me a good idea of how to remember them. Also, I like the story of Addison... I will probably use that as a memory aid as well!
  5. jeffecyn

    Virtual Simulation Programs!

    Following this post - my clinical rotation has been postponed until at least May, but we need 200+ hours before the term ends in June... hoping to graduate on time
  6. jeffecyn

    What's your ESSENTIALS?

    I'm still in nursing school, but I have an app that is really helpful in clinical - Nursing Central. I have a 2 year subscription and can load it on multiple devices. On my phone it automatically updates. Last term, the nurse I was working with in clinical told me to use Nursing Central to look up all the patient's meds and our lab teacher told us to use the dosage calculator because that's what they do at work (after we passed our dose calc test, of course)... It has: a dosage calculator, Davis drug guide, Taber's medical dictionary, Davis lab & diagnostic tests, and some other stuff. I mostly use the drug guide because I may know a few key points about a drug, but the app knows so much more! It is a lot of info that is small/portable and pretty well up to date.
  7. jeffecyn

    MHCC/PCC Fall 2018/Winter 2019

    Hi, I just joined allnurses because I finally got all my prerequisites done and dropped my application off at MHCC in December! Fingers crossed! I have a Bachelor's from 1996 in an unrelated subject. And started back at school once my kids were established in their schools. I've taken all the nursing prereq's at MHCC. What are everyone's stats? Where did you apply? Only MHCC so far... But in order of preference, MHCC, OHSU (accelerated, I know, I have to wait a year now), OHSU traditional BSN, and Concordia ABSN. What is your GPA? I have a 4.0 at MHCC, but I did count a B in writing from U of Portland on my application. Do you have work experience>? No experience as a provider, just a patient and parent. I used to work for a medical supply company and I'm familiar with equipment like infusion pumps and ventilators (testing and maintaining them). Did you do any preinterview point calculations? I'm guessing around 53 points. I'm not 100% sure how they calculate the 40 points for your GPA, I know it is your grade and how many the hours the class is in some sort of linear equation. So I guesstimated 35 (I had 1 B and then opted out of the 2nd writing class). Where would you like to go? #1 choice MHCC because I live nearby and it is my most affordable option :-) Good luck to everyone!

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