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  1. My hospital has recently changed to accepting primarily adolescents, partnering with CPS to act as a placement facility for teens who have trouble finding placement due to severe behavioral problems. I have found this shift....challenging, as someone who wants to work with primarily the voluntary adult population. I am currently in the process of trying to find a new job that is more aligned with my career interests, but as I haven't even been a nurse for a full year yet my options are limited and I have been rejected from most hospitals I have applied to without so much as an interview. So, it is looking like I may still have to be at this job for a while. I am looking for advice as to what I can request to try to make things more bearable for myself without seeming unreasonable. I know I will not be placed on one of the 2 remaining adult units because there are 2 senior nurses on them who would quit if made to work with adolescents/pedis. They had been placing me on a unit with teen boys and I was just starting to get adjusted working with them and into a rhythm when they suddenly started placing me on a teen girl unit due to, well, no other nurses being willing to work that unit. I want to be seen as flexible, but this unit is ROUGH. The girls are extremely defiant and I honestly feel as though I cannot control them, and that I am just constantly placating or catering. It is highly overwhelming. Due to this I really do not want to be placed on this unit any longer but fear I will be again due to being one of the only nurses who goes where I am assigned and does not complain. Is it acceptable for me to request to be placed back on the previous teen boy unit again? Or would that be seen as being inflexible? Thank you!
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    Question for Psych Nurses

    Hello! Freshly graduated nurse here seeking advice! I am a bit conflicted over how to proceed. A hospital position I recently interviewed for has 8 hour shifts. They told me I was probably not going to be able to get a 7-3 shift starting out which I was already aware of and OK with. I am having trouble choosing between 3-11 and 11-7. On one hand I was told the 3-11 shift would give me excellent experience and I really value being able to interact with my patients. On the other hand if I take a 3-11 shift it will mean I will hardly ever see my boyfriend, who works 7-4 and is in bed by 10. I figure if I take the 11-7 shift I will just sleep when I get back until he gets home, we will have some time to spend together and then I would head to work as he was going to bed. But I am worried I will not get as much patient interaction with the night shift. Also I have never worked an overnight shift before and am a bit anxious as to how that will be. I am naturally a night owl and stay up many nights anyhow so I think it mesh well with me but I have no way of knowing and all the grim research published on the toll night shift has on physical health is scary to me. What do you think? Will I still get good experience and pt interaction doing 11-7? (It is a high acuity high patient population hospital so I can't imagine the nights are all perfectly quiet) What would you recommend as the best shift for a new nurse who wants to gain experience??
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    Hi! I am shortly going to be applying to the upper division of the accelerated online bsn program at UTA (University of Texas at Arlington)and feel anxious about my prospects. The Good -I already have a bachelor's degree in cell biology and neuroscience (also if this helps at all it was from a very large & prominent school on east coast, not Ivy League but in the big 10-very academically challenging) -My HESI accumulated score was a 94 (94 on math, grammar, reading comprehension, 96 on vocabulary), I also took the science portion and scored well on it but apparently they don't count that so I guess it doesn't matter (88 anatomy, 94 biology, 100 chemistry) The Bad -I have a really subpar gpa, a 3.4 average and 3.0 science. That will be my gpa at the time of my application. If I can get all A's in my remaining prerequisites, which I'm fairly confident I can do, my average and science gpa will be a 3.6 which is better but I don't know if they even take into account your gpa post application unless it drastically decreases. What do you guys think? Also I'm very confused about the people who work at partnered hospitals get priority thing. Am I supposed to be applying to hospitals before I even have my degree? Thanks in advance for advice!