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  1. heyred823

    Goldfarb ABSN 2019

    Thanks again for being amazingly helpful, Alanna! I called today and Admissions said they could still potentially take people off the waitlist 2-3 weeks before January start! Eep. I guess I'll gather my records and such just in case, good thing I already did my BLS this summer for another program I applied to. Did you just go through your PCP for the TB test? Perhaps I'll see you in January! :) Best, Sara
  2. heyred823

    Goldfarb ABSN 2019

    Alanna, Thank you for answering all of my questions! :) I sent off my $150 deposit, now I'm just waiting on the confirmation letter... I'm from STL, but I'm currently working and living out of state,so I'm trying to get an idea of the process as soon as possible. Do you know how close to the start of the semester they are still pulling people from the waitlist (in other words, any idea when I would know for sure I won't be called for Jan. 2019?)? Also, do you know if you are allowed to defer? Thanks again!! Sara
  3. heyred823

    Goldfarb ABSN 2019

    @alannad, Hey Alanna! I got my letter, I am waitlisted for Spring 2019 and have to submit my depost to find out what term I am guaranteed for. Are you still on the waitlist or have you gotten a spot for Spring 2019? Did they say when the mandatory orientation for Spring 2019 is if you get a spot? The ambiguity of not knowing is stressing me out! :) Thanks again! Sara
  4. heyred823

    Goldfarb ABSN 2019

    @alannad Congrats! When did you submit your application? What was your undergrad GPA and prereq GPA (if you don't mind telling)? My application just switched over to "Processed: Complete Ready to Review, " so I'm just waiting now. Did it take them the full 12 weeks? Sorry for so many questions, I'm just really wanting to do this program! Best, Sara
  5. heyred823

    STLCC Nursing Admissions

    Hi! Does anyone know if a waiting list is still in effect at the STLCC schools? If so, any idea how long the wait is? Upon what do they judge the applications? Or is it just if you meet minimum criteria, you're on the list? Thank you! Sara
  6. heyred823

    FRCC Spring 2018 Westminster

    Hi there! I'm at Westminster currently taking prereqs. May I ask how many points on the application you both had and/or if you know what the point cutoff was to be accepted in your semester or semesters past? I went to the info meeting and I thought she said it was 12 points but I can't remember.

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