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  1. Drug seeking patients?

    WOW- I can't believe all the commets and suggestions I have recieved. This is a real issue and I think we have all come to realize that many people in the healthcare profession don't treat it as one. After thinking about this I have come to the con...
  2. LONG DAYS?!

    I am just finishing my nursing school, I am graduating in May with an ADN. We have to do this thing we call precepting for 104 at the end of school before we graduate. I have been doing mine with a great nurse on a medical floor, she works 12 hour ...
  3. Contracting MRSA

    I was wanting to know if you were talking about methycillin resistant staph areus (MRSA) or if there was another disese out there by the name of Mersa. We have had quite a few pts. with MRSA in our hospital but never a staff memeber.
  4. New grads in critical care

    I am graduating with my ADN this spring and have been hired to work in the ICU/CCU at a smaller community hospital. I have worked there for 3 years as an aide/secretary/telemetry tech. Does anyone have any suggestions for classes, additional educat...
  5. Drug seeking patients?

    What do people think about the term drug-seeking patients? I guess I have a hard time with it because usually these people are complaining of pain and who are we to judge whether they are or are not in pain. On the other hand, though, they are usual...