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safetypin has 2 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Pediatrics.

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  1. safetypin

    February 2019 Caption Contest: Win $100!

    Based on @JenMH88RN's very popular explosion post: "OMG made it back. Had a MRSA EXPLOSION today... must share on Allnurses..." And if this wins I say she gets the $100.
  2. safetypin

    February 2019 Caption Contest: Win $100!

    "I made it! I made it. Can't wait to share this on Allnurses..."
  3. Aw @WorldEscapes I feel for you. I just want to give you a big hug. You will get through this! I'm so happy to hear that you've idolized those in our profession. If you do keep this up, I know you will be an excellent nurse. Why? Because you obviously care about the patients. Everything you described was me in my first semester- bed baths, older patients and everything. Have faith that you will find your groove and your niche in time and will feel confident. And even at that point, you will learn something new weekly- or even daily!- and be reminded that this profession requires lifelong learning. Take it humbly and be proud that you've made it so far in such a great, dynamic profession. Take care.
  4. safetypin

    Practical Health Tips

    Great list, thank you. I particularly love #2. The night before work or right before I head in, I look at my Pinterest board with inspiring nursing quotes. It pumps me up and excites me for the day (or night) ahead. Take care.
  5. safetypin

    Your Third Act

    I'm one of the younger-ish members of allnurses, however I oftentimes think of my life when I reach my Third Act. I think of now, think of all the things I want to accomplish and do to make my life fulfilling- like volunteering and becoming a cuddler or Child Life volunteer- but I just don't have the time. There are other things, too. Anyway, with three days of 12's, the four days are definitely needed for self-care and recovering. And grocery shopping. And cleaning... A member of my family has just passed away that did not have a chance to embrace his Third Act- and a decade ago lost his wife before they were able to enjoy their Third Act. He and I are so similar, personality and health-wise- this is why I worry. However, I'm doing what I can to embrace life now and hope for a Third Act.
  6. safetypin

    Case Study: Does Childhood Abuse Prevent Weight Loss? Pt. 2

    Thank you for sharing, @SafetyNurse1968. I thoroughly love your articles- they are so informative and interesting, and I'm happy (from reading another thread) to see that sharing with others your nursing insights is a form of therapy. As someone with a history of depression, I enjoyed reading this though my heart goes out to those who have survived such an ordeal. This is truly heartbreaking.
  7. safetypin


    Wishing you peace with yourself, Marie63. I'm happy you are taking the steps to move forward from this. As a nurse with a history of terrible, terrible depression which worsened after being involved in a sentinel event, I know your pain. Take care.
  8. safetypin

    Pure curiosity :)

    Yes, PEARS is great! I'll be taking a refresher course for myself in a few months with an amazing instructor. Very excited. It looks great on the resume and gives you more confidence in the care you are providing.
  9. safetypin

    Case Study: Why Is This Patient Smelling Music? Pt. 1

    Loved this. Keep them coming!
  10. safetypin

    Stop Putting Your Life on Hold

    I've put on hold my overall happiness and health. Two years of nursing school and my first year as an RN put me in a deep depression, wherein I had to leave my first job and seek help. It's about a year from then and I can honestly say that I've found my happiness in truly loving myself and ensuring I take care of body, my investments, and those that I love. I've recently started an at-home yoga practice and preparing my own meals, consisting mostly of fresh fruits and vegetables. (And chocolate. Cannot forget the chocolate!) Although already happy, I'm finding that this new routine of mine on my off days has helped with my energy and increased my happiness and contentment in life. I'm also finding that somehow my memory is getting better, too. I have nothing but my patients to thank for my happiness and contentment. I know it's so cliche of me to say this... but they've inspired me to ensure I'm in my best form so that I may be able to take care of them with all that I have. Take care, everyone.
  11. This gal's been on allnurses since 2013 as a lurker. Overall, I think the website looks great in comparison to the old design. Also, I love being able to use it on my mobile device with ease. Great job, allnurses!
  12. safetypin

    Trigger Warning!

    Trigger warning: I hate the word trigger. Why is this a thing? I'm of the generation that apparently uses this word often... but it, along with the likes of "YOLO" and "boojie" annoys me. It's 2019 and I can't stand it.
  13. safetypin

    What does your username mean?

    Formerly adzukibeans (see above/last page), I am now: safetypin! The reason behind the change? Patient safety. Always. Also, I love Pinterest.
  14. safetypin

    What does your username mean?

    Adzuki beans are used to make the delicious, sweet filling of daifuku mochi. Here is a youtube recipe for daifuku mochi:
  15. I just hit my 2 year mark, so I'm new as well. Most importantly what I have learned is that you must must must take care of yourself on those off days. Start a new hobby, start an at-home yoga practice, volunteer at an organization you are passionate about, go out with friends, visit your family members, catch up on some Grey's or a rewatch a show you love, etc. They say we need those four days off to recover... but laying in bed all day to recover is not healthy. Especially on most of those four days off. Be true and honest to yourself and if you need help, seek it out. It's okay. Take care.
  16. safetypin

    Should I walk away from nursing or keep trying?

    Like the last poster mentioned, you should see if you can shadow different departments in the hospital. I worked in three (very) different nursing specialties before finding my niche- and I am a new nurse as well! Do not give up hope! :)

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