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    What questions are important to ask when interviewing?

    LikeTheDeadSea -- thank you so much for the input. This is really helpful :) ill be sure to see what the situation is for this school district.
  2. Dear fellow nurses, hello! I am transitioning to school nursing after 2 1/2 years in NICU. I passed the first round of interviewing with the nursing director for the school district I'm in (Houston), and now I am interviewing with the principals at different schools. What are the most important questions to ask the principal? What should I make sure is already in place at the school (especially when taking on a school nursing position for the first time)? For example, I don't know what is standard as far as emergency equipment and resources in the school setting (is it normal to have, for example, oxygen and ambu bags, glucose monitors, epi and other meds?) Also is it normal for them to have policies and procedures (such as for g-tube feeds or trach care or a diabetic protocol?) Thanks for any insight! I'm totally new to this, but so so excited to get a chance to care for kids in a community setting.