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  1. Sabriel- I called once before because I live so close to Umass and I wanted to see if they would tell me the decision or tell me when the letter was sent out, they were also rude but told me it would be sent out soon! I called again a week later and the guy was super nice and felt bad he couldn't tell me anything other than it would be soon so he said it was good news! But I got the letter earlier this week and I'm in!!
  2. I applied as a transfer! My teas score was an 80, I have all my pre reqs done from a community college my gpa was a 3.8 and I live in Boston. My application status changed and still haven't recieved a letter but I called yesterday and he said it should be here soon and that it was good news! So hopefully that means I'm in:)
  3. Hi! Same thing happened to me I haven't gotten my letter and my application status said they made a decision for about 2-3 weeks now! I live in Boston so I should get the letter almost immediately once they send it. I think Christmas slows everything down