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Bankerturnnurse has 2 years experience as a BSN.

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    LIU brooklyn fall 2018

    Hello: This is not my first degree and with that being said a lot of programs have good professors and not so good ones. It all boils down to you. I think so far I have had one professor that wasn’t too great and it was more her style of teaching and the fact that it was content heavy (pharmacology). A lot of students in my Accelerated cohort work on the weekends. I would not recommend it the first semester if you are thinking about the Accelerated program unless it’s a very flexible job especially during exam periods. Full time and part cohort students I have noticed can manage to work full time and go to school.
  2. Bankerturnnurse

    LIU brooklyn fall 2018

    Hello: I am currently in the third level of the LIU Brooklyn Accelerated nursing program. I love the program so far and I believe it has prepared me to pass the NCLEX especially with the fact the school uses the ATI for NCLEX practice throughout the semester. My only complaint is that I wish the labs were more hands on for more real world practice. I have heard this is the case at a lot of schools so I’m not too worried. I hope this helps you to decide. Good luck!
  3. Bankerturnnurse

    LIU brooklyn fall 2018

    I had a lot of confusion when I started last semester as well, so figure I would take a minute to clear up some of the questions. The Ati books are online at Ati and you will have access to it once you are given the ATI code. There has been a lot of changes to the curriculum and admin staff (hence the confusion) but once you start the professors for the most part are very good and knowledgeable.