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  1. heavwhit

    Should I become a CNA OR MA?

    So I am actually a pre-nursing student/major and my goal is to get my ADN and then BSN to become an RN. While I’m going to be waitlisted for around 2 years I figured it would be best to get a license or actual certification and work as one of these for the meantime and even when I’m in nursing school but I want to know which one is “better”? What are the pros and cons and duties of each? I’ve heard there’s more jobs and flexibility with CNA but it’s just the dirty work and MA can do all the fun stuff like take vitals and give injection. Tell me anything!
  2. heavwhit

    CNA/MA Programs in Los Angeles

    I'm interested in doing one of these programs this fall after I finish all my pre-reqs and gen eds. What is a good program or school in Los Angeles or what programs have you participated in and what was it like? I'm looking for one around $1,000 or even free. Thank you!
  3. By the end of this semester, I will be done with all my prerequisites and applying to the ADN program at Los Angeles Trade Technical College (LATTC). This school is my first choice because it is close to where I live and they have a collaborative program with CSULA so you can get your BSN in a year after you complete the ADN program. The downside is that they use a waitlist system so most people wait like 2 semesters but last I heard it was like 3 or 4 semesters. While I'm waiting what should I do to pass the time basically? I won't have any classes left to take because I'll finish my gen eds in the summer too. I'm already going to start volunteering at a hospital next week. Any suggestions will be helpful!
  4. Wow. I'm sorry that happened to you but just know there's no shame in waiting longer to start a nursing program. More time is better to really prepare yourself but if I were you I would retake it at VCC so you can attempt it ASAP. I failed anatomy and then retook it a year later at a different college and got an A so it is possible. A and P is a really important pre-req so whereever you take it just study and focus so you can really learn and do well. I would also recommend taking one science course per semester.