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  1. Lolslols

    Fall 2018 Lone Star Hopefuls

    Hi Kip2006, I'm new here and I want to apply to Lonestar Cyfair Spring 2019. I had BS in Biology , but it's almost 20 years now. How do I apply for prerequistes in Community college
  2. Hi Wallacevellonpvamu, please I would like to clarify a lot of things from you. I've read a lot of negative comments about Chamberlain and I'm skeptical in submitting my application. I had my first degree in Biology from a college out US and I left college about 23 years ago.
  3. Lolslols

    Summer 2018- UT Health Science

    Hi Huskyrn, I'm applying for fall 2018 or spring 2019. Im starting with my prerequisites spring of 2018 and hopefully I finish before application deadline . Best of luck
  4. Lolslols

    UT Arlington ABSN Online Program Spring 2018

    I'm taking prerequisites courses AO-BSN at UTA and I'm apply for Spring 2019. Please add me to the Facebook page, my email address is lolsadeoye@yahoo.com
  5. Lolslols

    Need help where to take nursing prerequisites

    @idkmybffjill thanks for your response. Do I need my evaluated transcripts to register for the prerequistes or I can make do with my BSc certificate because I want to start as soon as possible while waiting for my transcripts.
  6. Hi everyone, I intend applying for fall 2018 or Spring 2019, can I have suggestions where to take my prerequisites . I had BS Biology some years back. Thanks
  7. I will need suggestions on where to take nursing prerequisites for accelerated BSN and the possibility of completing all prerequisites within one year. I hold BS Biology from a university abroad and I'm not very sure if the school Im applying would transfer some of science Credit. I am planning to apply for spring of 2019 at UTHealth Science Center at Houston and AOBSN at UTA