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  1. mermaid0828

    Santa Rosa JC Nursing 2019

    It’s score based so I guess I didn’t make the cut.. but they said the application process isn’t done cause they will still pick 4 applicants by lottery in May. Did you check your emails? There’s so much anxiety in the waiting period of applying haha.
  2. mermaid0828

    College of Marin Nursing 2019

    Yeah I believe they will be sending through email! Best of luck
  3. mermaid0828

    College of Marin Nursing 2019

    Thank you for replying! I'm anxiously waiting haha I thought they've sent out emails already.
  4. mermaid0828

    College of Marin Nursing 2019

    Did anyone else apply to College of Marin's nursing program this year and did anyone hear back yet? I was wondering because I looked at a forum from last year and it looked like they heard back by the end of March. Thanks everyone!