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  1. Gulachka44

    Troubleshooting with CES-report

    If you endorse to another state they will ask you to go back to school and get those hours. Even though you already have a license , like they say every state is different and they don’t care about license in NY. Not every state accepts ERES.
  2. Gulachka44

    CGFNS-CVS New York process ?

    they did not send me any emails, I was calling them every week and they told me they received my paperwork. Over the phone . Not sure about deficiencies for NYS
  3. Gulachka44

    Foreign ( Australia) RN seeking NY bon ATT

    I know, been thru that with GA BON. i got my license from NY, moved to GA and they told me I have deficiency . But you know NY doesn’t accept CES report, you need to do again CVS report and pay again for NY state.
  4. Gulachka44

    Foreign ( Australia) RN seeking NY bon ATT

    Hi, I never heard or read NY BON staying deficiency to anyone, so I’m pretty positive NY will Let you take NCLEX
  5. Gulachka44

    From Internationally-Trained Nurse to American RN

    Good for you. I went thru almost everything just like you did . ( except love story )) Your english is very good now Good luck with everything !!
  6. Gulachka44

    Foreign RN with deficiency in obstetrics

    You can search it up on this website and find universities that offer this courses in CA. There are a lot of people on this forum that have deficiencies for CA state. Look it up.
  7. Gulachka44

    CGFNS-CVS New York process ?

    Oh dear , it takes much longer than 6 weeks. For me it took 1 year after the cgfns and all the proper paper work before NYS approved me to sit for NCLEX. Every case is different , but for me it definitely took long time. And I was calling, emailing every week.
  8. Gulachka44

    Foreign RN with deficiency in obstetrics

    Hello, I was wondering if you found a place that offers classes for international students that are deficient in classes? Please let me know . Thank you .
  9. Gulachka44

    Foreign RN in need of a course in obstetrics

    Did you find any schools that would allow you to take classes that you needed ? I would love to hear more info please, Thank you
  10. Gulachka44

    Deficiency in pediatrics and obstetrics

    Hello, I wanted to ask if you found any schools to get your hours for obstetrics and ped?
  11. Gulachka44

    Endorsing from NYC to NC foreign graduate

    NYC state uses CVS, all the other states use CES report, and yes, unfortunately you have to start over, bc you send your paperwork to your school for CES REPORT, while for NYC CGFNS sends it to them. And it's sooo annoying, you have to wait again and again.
  12. Hello, I finally received my CES report, but I don't understand one thing and would like to ask for help to explain it to me. I have a diploma from my country , there is no expiration date on diploma, it's a lifetime diploma that does not expire ( not like in US with expiration date). But in my report it says: " the license is currently expired, re-registration requed. The applicant's licence has never been subjected to any disciplinary action and is valid until revoked". I called CGFNS and ask them why does it say expired , if there is no expiration date , they told me it doesn't matter , if it's says " valid until revoked" you should be fine. So I wanted to know , if I still will have problems with board? Will they tell me your licence is expired? Also in my report it says I have 24 hours deficiency in Mental Health. Will board still issue me a licence if I have deficiency ? ( I'm endorsing my licence from NY) .

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