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  1. Brenau University FNP

    Also curious about this program.
  2. Unemployment/ PRN nurses

    My employer told us we need to exhaust all pto then accumulate negative 80 hours in pto before we could apply for unemployment. They also cancelled any apprived vacations for the next 8 months and said we can’t take them until we re earn that negativ...
  3. Nurse bringing child to work

    Same with the lack of maternity leave. Our hospital offers none just unpaid FMLA. And when you come back you get put on whatever unit they can’t staff. They claim it’s equal but it’s not.
  4. New Employment Occ Health

    I got a survey from the hospital asking my full medical history, medication list, it goes on to specify any injuries and lists many specific back , knee, psych, carpal tunnel, etc. At the end it asks you sign off that everything is accurate or you ...
  5. Do you think I can get my job back?

    Any updates?
  6. Nurse bringing child to work

    Night shift has a bit of a difficult situation finding child care. But if its allowed for one, it needs to be allowed for all unless just a temporary situation (like husband d traveling for work for 2 days or whatever ) I can't imagine it would be al...
  7. New Employment Occ Health

    What right to privacy do I have as an employee? I am a little hesitant to give so much detail of my medical history to employee health. My last employer pulled it all from Epic which felt like a violation to me, she had it pulled up and was reading ...
  8. Disheartened by friends' reaction about Residency

    Is your contract in Fl our CA? It was my understanding that those contracts are not enforceable in Cali, so worth looking into. Most are also prorated or allow you to transfer to diff units, so make sure you read every work before signing it. Dont l...
  9. Plus Size Scrubs

    Do HH run true to their size chart? The purple label ones have a nice cut
  10. Plus Size Scrubs

    I had an issue with UA once also, they sent pants with a very obvious manufacturer defect seam not sewn together down the inner leg, and they were very difficult to deal with, refused to help, and told me to contact the manufacturer who kept sending ...
  11. Plus Size Scrubs

    Can anyone recommend some Plus Sized scrubs that are not too hot, will not fade too badly, and look decent? I like the Wonderwink Plus material, but am between sizes, one is way too big and the other way too small. I prefer darker colors.
  12. PRN rates around Atlanta

    Can anyone help me out with what to expect for the PRN rate near ATL? I am moving from the West Coast and the pay is quite different due to different costs of living etc. Also the hospital I applied at in GA said it doesnt matter what level of educat...
  13. What now?

    Do you work on my unit? Sounds exactly like my new job. Lied lied lied to get me through the door. Changed the hours, days, and the darn unit. Ive tried to talk to the manager multiple times, she just keeps nodding and saying ok lets re visit this ne...
  14. Should I have accessed her port?

    The reasoning is OP stated their policy is to not access a port if they have a working PIV. So if you do, and the patient gets a raging clabsi and you get deposed for the malpractice suit that follows, your documentation is clear on why you are viol...
  15. Career Crossroads

    I’d take the PRN. I’d much rather do 3 days a week. Small kids get sick often, have extracurricular activities they need to get to, and still enjoy being with you and spending time with you. I miss that stage. Enjoy the time it passes so quickly. P...