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  1. NAU ABSN Program 2021

    I had a 4.0 with 0 prerecs in progress, 83% overall, 65% science on the Kaplan. I was accepted, but I ended up going somewhere else for personal reasons
  2. Medical School or Nursing School?

    Thank you for your reply. I have tried to evaluate why I had these feelings. I have thought too about whether I dislike to care for those dependent on nursing care. However, I did enjoy helping the residents get cleaned up, dressed and ready for the ...
  3. Medical School or Nursing School?

    I have thought of this as well. However, I would prefer to stay in my home state, and while there are programs here. There is limited job availability with the majority of PAs working in surgery, which isn't really an area of interest for me. I've ta...
  4. Medical School or Nursing School?

    I've heard that the market is saturated and that is driving down wages, which is something I have thought about. On the other hand, the local newspaper seems to run an article almost every other week on a shortage of physicians in my town. As for wh...
  5. Medical School or Nursing School?

    Is home health something that you can do as a new grad? I work as a home health aide now and I really enjoy it
  6. Medical School or Nursing School?

    Hello everyone, I know that there are an incredible amount of topics posted about this already, but I wanted to get your opinions about going for medical school or nursing school. This might be long, I apologize! I am graduating this semester with a...
  7. Should I Switch?

    Thanks for your help!
  8. Should I Switch?

    I am currently majoring in biology, but I've been considering switching to the nursing program, as I've always wanted to work in a hospital. I'm pretty squeamish, not good with handling vomit, poop, or stress and I'm pretty quiet. My biggest fear is ...